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What!? How could the 100% CRA Scorecard Doug LaMalfa be guilty of such a thing!?

Please read the next series of posts with an open mind and decide for yourself – who is Doug LaMalfa loyal to – the Conservative Movement or those looking to throw conservatives out of the GOP?

Have a look at the recent California Republican Party platform fight for starters.

First off – the Sacramento Bee highlighted Liberal Billionaire Charles Munger and his all-out effort to gut the California Republican Party platform. They praised Munger’s knowledge of the By-Laws and the rules of the California Republican Party. Munger managed to rig a majority on the drafting committee that came out with a platform that basically said nothing.

The problem is that the CRA maintained a solid majority on the entire platform committee where ‘Munger’s platform’ died. It was substituted for the “Pruner” platform by a 66-50 vote that was previously highlighted on this blog.

Here’s where team Doug LaMalfa comes in.

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Let’s say that the full platform committee voted the Munger platform out to the floor. According to what I have seen from the delegates in attendance and the proxies assigned – the Moderates had a majority and could have blocked any attempt to override the decision of the Platform Committee.

That’s right – I indicated that the Moderates had a majority of VOTES, not delegates. How did they do that?

Enter David Stafford Reade. David Reade is an ethically-challenged political consultant. David Reade’s specialty is manipulating the outcomes of endorsements and elections within Republican organizations. David Reade was expelled from the CRA for maintaining fraudulent CRA units in the North State and was also undeniably the Quarterback of the effort that netted Mitt Romney a CRA endorsement in 2007.

Reade is also a smear merchant – as reported to me by staffers, in 1999 he created a fake newspaper to accuse Conservative former State Senator Rico Oller of spousal abuse after first floating rumors of an FBI investigation in to Rico Oller. (12 years later, still no visit from the FBI)

In Placer County, the Conservatives that control our local Central Committee have been treated tactics similar to David Reade’s, apparently aided and abetted by Doug LaMalfa and LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff Mark Spannagel. (also previously documented on this blog, and here’s another for good measure)

However, with a fight engaged for the heart and soul of the California Republican Party – it appears that Doug LaMalfa+staff betrayed us all again.

Insider sources tell me that David Reade was on Charles Munger’s payroll – running a proxy drill to collect the votes of California Republican Party members in order to assure his benefactor of a victory in a convention floor fight.

There is ample evidence to suggest that David Stafford Reade enlisted Mark Spannagel and Lisa Buescher – both senior staff of Doug LaMalfa in the effort.

In part two of this post – I will detail the Conservatives who were lied to and made to believe their proxies were going to Doug LaMalfa. The fact that two of LaMalfa’s senior staff and his former campaign manager were undeniably involved in this begs the questions… Did Doug LaMalfa know about this? Why didn’t he do anything? If Doug LaMalfa didn’t know what his staff was doing, what is he going to do now?

It appears that Doug LaMalfa has never attempted to check David Reade. I have seen LaMalfa’s staff follow whatever client David Reade is working for – (you know, on the side and not at taxpayer’s expense as Reade claimed to the Redding Record Searchlight) and the pattern has re-manifest time and again.

It gets better – Charles Munger is also purported, again from several insider sources to have offered large amounts of money (that dwarf Reade’s payoff) for support of his new destroyed California Republican Party platform. How much? and to whom? Coming in Part 2.

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