Sep 252011

Karen England was endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, Richard Giguere, John Eastman, Chuck DeVore, Assemblyman Mike Morrell and Assemblymember Tim Donnelly – amongst others in her run for CRA President.

You’d think the above list would be an indicator of a Conservative’s Conservative.

There’s a problem – one of compromise. As Revealed earlier – David Stafford Reade has been exposed as a paid lackey of Charles Munger who lied to people and ran a drill to twist Conservative proxies in to the hands of liberals in order to destroy the California Republican Party Platform.

Karen England thinks I’m lying – she wrote the following words in an email tirade to me: “another FACT:  the proxies did not matter in  the most recent CRP meeting so it doesn’t matter who had them, it was impossible for them to be used on the platform committee or on the floor for the purpose of platform.

Karen England has a problem – she is the executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute. David Stafford Reade sits on their board of directors.

Doug LaMalfa is one of their largest donors.

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David Reade’s actions are well documented – while serving on the board of a “family values” organization – he took substantial pay to lie, cheat and steal a result to undermine those very values.

Doug LaMalfa’s staff were caught red-handed in the middle of it.

Karen Emailed me unsolicited to tell me I was lying because the proxy drill did not matter.

Hmmm – If Karen cared about the conservative movement – why isn’t she concerned about where LaMalfa’s staff’s proxies went?

Why isn’t she concerned about the LaMalfa staff participation in getting the Proxies of Conservatives in the hands of Bay Area Liberals?

Why isn’t she asking the critical questions? “Why did Munger pay for this proxy drill if it didn’t matter?”

Here is her original email:


Just read your blog about the CRP convention.  The proxies at this convention did not and could not have ANYTHING to do with the platform  The only meeting regrading platform was AFTER the convention and only committee members could vote – NO PROXIES.  The platform will be voted on in whole, at the next convention.  Proxies COULDN’T vote on anything regarding the platform this last go around.  Again, you can’t even get the most basic information correct – it was IMPOSSIBLE for the platform to be voted on the floor last weekend.
Karen can’t ask the legitimate questions because of her conflicts of interest.
The above does indeed underscore the brilliance of Tom Del Becarro and others who moved the Platform Committee Meeting to 1pm on Sunday after the main Convention Session was over. The Majority that David Stafford Reade and Team Munger had coerced at the California Republican Party Convention was rendered useless.
This is the fact that Karen England can’t acknowledge – because doing so would remove her only justification for defending David Reade and Doug LaMalfa’s actions.
Meanwhile, back in Placer County – Doug LaMalfa, Karen England, Mark Spannagel and their Non-Conservative allies continue their assault on the Placer-CRA led Placer GOP Central Committee.
Pattern Recognition Folks, Pattern Recognition…
This will be continued – next up: “Did the Moderates try to Take Over CRA?”

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