Aug 252011

I agree. Lawsuits suck. The legal system sucks. Using it for political means only makes one look like a nimrod.

Today – the LA Times covered former GOP Governor (and the spiritual leader of the RINO’s) Pete Wilson rising up out of retirement once again to lend his support to the upcoming referendum against the State Senate lines drawn up by the “Citizens” commission. Pete Wilson is right on this one.

… So is the Yolo GOP.



Davis CA – August 25th, 2011. The Yolo County Republican Central Committee met at its regular meeting and debated the merits of potential legal challenges to the Citizens Redistricting Committee final maps by the State Party.  After much discussion and debate the motion was made to recommend to the California Republican State Party our opposition against all such actions.  The motion was passed without opposition with one abstention.

The motion reads as follows:  This committee recommends that the California Republican Party refrain from a direct lawsuit by itself against the Citizens Redistricting Commission.  While agreeing there were flaws in the remapping, the Central Committee commended the hard-working Californians who served on this project.  “To our knowledge we are the first and only Republican Central Committee to take this action” said Glenn Holderreed Committee Secretary.

Vice-Chair Kirby Wells stated, “The Yolo Republican Committee believes that this Redistricting Committee reflects that Californians are demanding a fair approach to redistricting; not the normal “back door deals made under the previous legislative control of the process.  We need to work on solutions for California and certainly not block forward progress.”

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The Yolo County Republican Central Committee is the official Republican organization in Yolo County.

For more information about the Committee please visit or contact Kirby Wells Vice -Chairman at (916) 215-4291

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  One Response to “Yolo County GOP to CRP Leadership: Save your money, don’t sue”

  1. It’s about time someone had a little common sense! Republicans need to lead not sue. Sure glad to hear Kirby Wells is throwing his hat in the ring for Congress. looks like it’s going to be a competitive race in district 3.

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