CRA Fraud Part 5 – Stanton RA

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Aug 142011

The Stanton RA was de-chartered unanimously. It is up there with David Reade’s Yolo CRA and the Camp Pendleton RA as a grotesque example of fraud.

It’s “President” Paul Dillon was removed from CRA for 5 years for his participation in the fraud and for causing the police to be called to our convention in April.

Former CRA Vice President Scott Voigts was suspended from CRA for one year for his role in creating and maintaining this unit – amongst a laundry list of what he did.

There is currently a serious effort to re-charter a real CRA unit in Stanton as I write this blog.

This unit has 38 members in the official CRA Membership Records, but only about one-third of the members are from Stanton; the rest of the addresses read like a road atlas of Orange County – Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Irvine, Lake Forest, Orange and Santa Ana.  This suggests that an actual meeting of the Stanton Republican Assembly is improbable, indicating potential violations of Section 10.04 and Section 10.05.  In any event, no evidence of actual meetings has been presented.

When contacted by the Credentials Committee, this unit’s officers refused to provide records of membership or bylaws, in violation of Section 10.07.

Senate District Director Steve Sarkis repeatedly tried to contact this unit, but he says that he has received no response from this unit since the time they were chartered.

This unit sent Paul Hegyi from Elk Grove as a Delegate to the 2010 Buena Park Convention.  Hegyi quickly returned to the Consumnes Republican Assembly afterwards.

Stanton Republican Assembly attempted to send Joseph Constantino as a Delegate to the 2011 Annual Convention, but he is registered as a Decline to State Voter (according to PDI records and confirmed by the County of Orange).  This is a violation of Section 4.04 (membership requirements) and Sections 13.08 and 13.10 (concerning Convention representation).

Stanton Republican Assembly Vice President, Roreick Luepton, was submitted as a Delegate from both Stanton and from the San Diego Republican Assembly for the 2011 Convention.  Mr. Luepton shows a Garden Grove address on the Stanton roster and a San Diego address on the San Diego roster, in violation of Section 4.06 concerning duplicate membership.  This fact also suggests fraud and irregularity in Delegate selection, possibly in violation of Section 13.10.

This unit lists Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson and his wife as members.  When called, Supervisor Nelson said that he is a member of the Fullerton Republican Assembly only and that his wife is not a CRA member.  Aside from membership fraud, this also suggests violations of Section 4.01, Section 4.03, and Section 4.06.

The dues for all of the current members expire on 3/15/2012, which raises various questions.  There is no evidence that this unit collected the annual dues from its members ($25 per person, plus $10 for each additional person from the same household) and remitted those dues to CRA.

Aug 112011

Peace? So much for peace. The mantra of David Reade / Mark Spannagel / Karen England – if you can’t control it, destroy it is still in effect.

I got an email today from a livid Jon Green. Based on what he sent me – I can see why he’s angry. If you believe what Mark Spannagel wrote about yesterday’s peace summit with the electeds – you’d think that Jeff Atteberry and Joe Dorr lied, maneuvered the meeting to avoid having Mike Holmes and Cheryl Bly-Chester there and Ted Gaines / Ted Gaines’ scheduler participated in the screw up.

(Mark Spannagel is Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff)

Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines are not into destroying the Republican Party. I have never seen them take overtly vindictive action against activists, I have never seen them take a lot of overt action period (until the hit piece email they signed in May against the Placer Cent Com).

I have a lot of years of experience with the Gaines’ – they vote Conservative and usually aren’t heard from very much otherwise. I have come to believe that they both sincerely want to resolve this situation and move on. To Ted Gaines’ credit – I have heard him talk about his desire to support voter registration for years.

I still believe that the Gaines’ were dragged in to this by Karen England and Cheryl Bly-Chester. The deliberate timing of the email was after the Cent Com voted 14-7 to resolve the issue.

But Mark Spannagel is packing around a lot of grudges and Mr. Spannagel has a pattern of dishonest behavior. Take a look at the email he sent Jon Green:

Not sure where this broke down. Gaines office set the meeting. Obviously there was a mistake somewhere. I thought Cheryl and Mike were attending the meeting today.

From the comments sent to me tonight I believe Jeff misstated the Senators positions. All agreed that any PCRP and HQP checks, payments or other activities related to the party or headquarters should be turned over immediately. There was some dispute on “other activities” by HQP that they do not want to disclose and claim are part of other consulting agreements.

We’ll get this fixed.

The first conclusion I can draw is when I observed Karen England feverishly texting last night – she was text messaging Mark Spannagel.

Second – Spannagel throws Ted Gaines and Ted Gaines’ scheduler under the bus. Please note that at the meeting, Mike Holmes disclosed that he had breakfast with Ted Gaines that very morning – and Gaines said nothing to him of the upcoming meeting later that day!

This also means that either LaMalfa, Spannagel or Ted Gaines are lying – or that LaMalfa and Gaines had a different view of what was supposed to happen at that meeting.

Spannagel goes on to completely contradict what Jeff and Joe recounted from the meeting – even though he (Spannagel) was not in the meeting.

Spannagel – like he does when he comments anonymously on local blogs, threw a ton of gas on the fire – basically ensuring that the controversy will last for months longer.

This makes me wonder if Spannagel works for the Capitol Resource Institute of if he works for Doug LaMalfa!

Mark Spannagel is the same man that told the local media I and others were being personally investigated by the FBI, he was also thrown out of the CRA for gross fraud (we recently discovered that the Yuba CRA that he ran never paid CRA dues in addition to the rest of the stuff it was used for) and evidence suggests that he still has an axe to grind with Congressman McClintock for not hiring him in to his office after the 2008 campaign.

Did Doug LaMalfa sanction this? Did Doug LaMalfa change his mind after Karen England called him complaining over the agreed on settlement?

Or, did Mark Spannagel act unilaterally to try and placate those who are obsessed with their desire for political revenge?

The bottom line here is that Doug LaMalfa now has a high-grade mess, and it is all his own. Spannagel threw Gaines’ staff under the bus and called the Chairman and 2nd Vice Chairman of the Placer GOP a liar – end of story.

So Spannagel re-opens the wide gash and says “we’ll get this fixed”. What, by bringing in the world criminal court where the FBI wouldn’t go?

Somewhere, Jennfier Montgomery, Camille Maben, Lowell Jarvis and other extreme leftists that infest office in Placer County are laughing and thanking Mark Spannagel for his assistance to their re-election campaigns.

Jim Nielsen: The Poster Child for CRA Reform

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Aug 112011

There has been a ton of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the California Republican Party Platform recently and the CRA’s recent upheaval.

There is a connection now – provided to us by Moderate Republican Assemblyman Jim Nielsen.

Nielsen was endorsed by CRA in 2008 and 2010. One of those times, Nielsen was endorsed over current Shasta RA President “Colonel Pete” Stiglich. Another time, it was over retired Marine Colonel and CRA member Charlie Schaupp.

There are many that argue about Nielsen’s contributions to the Republican Party and about his Conservative record. A quick look at the 2009 and 2010 CRA scorecard shows Nielsen checking in with some of the lowest CRA scores this side of Abel Maldonado. Nielsen finished with 72% in 2009 and 76% in 2010.

Nielsen also made the motion to adopt the completely gutted CRP platform as proposed by the drafting committee. Despite Jim Nielsen’s attempts at spin control – people were there, people observed his votes against re-inserting pro-life and pro-gun language in to the platform.

Click here to see an in-depth analysis of the Jim Nielsen CRP Platform. (Hat tip to CRA Senate Director Rohit Joy)

By comparison – Assemblymember Dan Logue who was not endorsed by CRA in 2008 scored 94% in both 2009 and 2010.

How would a moderate who presided over the destruction of the CRP Platform, who voted to expand Mello-Roos taxes, who voted to tax blueberries, voted to put Prop 14 on the ballot, etc. Get a CRA endorsement twice?

The Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama, South Butte, Yolo, Yuba CRA – that’s how.

The Sutter, Tehama, Yolo and Yuba RA were chartered by former CRA members in 2007 and maintained by them to control CRA endorsements in the North State. Currently, the Sutter RA is run by real CRA members, the Tehama RA (which is run by Jim Nielsen’s district director) is under scrutiny and the Yuba and Yolo RA were de-chartered for gross fraud at the 7/23/2011 CRA board meeting.

The Siskiyou RA and the South Butte RA were chartered in 2009 by the same former CRA members in order to make sure no endorsement would occur in a hotly contested primary. The South Butte RA is currently in jeopardy and the Siskiyou RA has since been taken over by real CRA members.

The Siskiyou, Tehama, South Butte, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba RA’s also sent college students as CRA delegates to the 2010 Buena Park CRA Convention to support Meg Whitman.

This is how a moderate like Jim Nielsen got a CRA endorsement – a string of dubious CRA units, including several that are proven frauds.

Jim Nielsen’s CRA endorsement is the most prominent case for CRA reform today. I am hopeful that real CRA members will lock arms in a common effort to reform CRA so that this kind of fraud and manipulation will not happen again.

(Note: Yuba did not have jurisdiction in AD02 – but the other 5 units provided the necessary delegates to override the other legitimate units in the district. In addition, The Glenn and Colusa RA abstained at the 2010 local CRA endorsing convention)

Aug 2011 CentCom Recap: Gaines, Gaines and LaMalfa Show Leadership!

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Aug 102011

Boy did I blow it on this one.

I drank the Kool-Aid big time.

For about 2 1/2 years – I have had a front-row seat to Karen England and her recruits attempting to drag George and Tom Hudson in front of a grand jury.

It was also easy to see that due to the extreme financial nexus between Karen England’s “Charity” and the campaign finance reports of Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines and Doug LaMalfa – that they would be suddenly interested in the machinations of the Placer GOP.

I guess I blew it on this one. Jeff Atteberry and Joe Dorr (the 2nd Vice Chair of the Placer GOP Cent Com) had a sit-down with the three electeds at the CRP headquarters in Sacramento.

Doug LaMalfa showed leadership.
Ted Gaines showed leadership.
Beth Gaines showed leadership.

All three showed genuine concern for the Placer County Republican Party and a commitment to its’ success. They also showed a genuine interest in reconciliation and getting more Republicans elected and registered to vote.

LaMalfa, Jeff and Joe Dorr had a discussion about the issues vexing the Central Committee and LaMalfa drew some astute conclusions. Doug LaMalfa himself said that the Headquarters Partnership was not the issue and was “off the table”.

This is significant as it is that entity that has been the nexus of all of the insane attacks from the last 2 1/2 years. Doug LaMalfa looked at Ted Gaines during the course of the conversation and said that what was being asked by the accusers was the same as asking Ted Gaines to hand over the books of his Insurance Company or his Senate Campaign.

Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa both agreed that what needs to happen is for the last few years’ financial records from the Central Committee itself to be reviewed for accuracy.

Jon Green and Auburn Councilmember Mike Holmes interrupted the report of the meeting with retorts of “This is bull—-“. Cheryl Bly-Chester proceeded to take up the next 20-30 minutes of the meeting leveling more accusations and asking dozens of accusatory questions.

Jon Green left the meeting saying, “I think I am sick”.

I find it bizarre that Doug LaMalfa’s allies on the Placer County Republican Central Committee made a scene after a resolution was suggested by the Senator himself.

They did not want to hear what the electeds had to say, rather the important issue to them was why Mike Holmes and Cheryl Bly-Chester were not at the meeting. Eventually, once they stopped accusing Chariman Jeff Atteberry of malfeasance – Ted Gaines’ scheduler became the whipping girl.

Of other significant interest was Cheryl characterizing both Dave Titus (Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff) and Mark Spannagel (Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff) as saying that they thought Jeff Atteberry was avoiding having such a meeting.

When Cheryl was asked again to get statements in writing from Titus and Spannagel – she backtracked and said those two used the word “balking” at a meeting.

I am confused – it looks like Doug LaMalfa, Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines made a good faith effort to bring resolution only to have cries of bull—- and accusations leveled against their staff.

Meantime – people are signing up for the Placer GOP BBQ, the Golf Tournament and the Central Committee approved a location for the 2/11/2012 Lincoln Day Dinner.

I do owe Gaines, Gaines and LaMalfa kudos for standing up and leading. I can not apologize in this venue as Cheryl in her usual team-building attitude brought up a Censure resolution against this blogger at the end of the meeting. I had written about half a post apologizing to the electeds for setting them on fire for the last 6-8 weeks, but I can’t post it now as it would only look like I am trying to defend myself.

… so even after the electeds exert leadership, the minority on the Central Committee, (consisting of their allies) found two ways to extend the in-fighting.

For what its’ worth Karen England said that while she was offended by what was written on this blog, that I have a right to free speech.

Cheryl said that she was going to look through the Central Committee By-Laws to find the basis for her censure resolution.

I have to admit I was surprised by the resolve of Doug LaMalfa, Beth Gaines and Ted Gaines to restore peace. I assigned intent to them that was simply not on display when they met with Jeff Atteberry and Joe Dorr.

I was not surprised by the behavior of the members of the minority – further proof that “if you can’t control it, destroy it” is still the M.O. of the day.

The GOP’s Suicide Pact – the Debt Ceiling “Deal”

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Aug 102011

Update: The Dow dove 521 points today – the 3rd time in the last five days that the market has lost 500+ points. Thanks to Washington D.C. we can all grab our ankles now – this is the debt deal rally.

He’s baaaaaack.

I remember watching the 2007, 2008 budget debates in California as the Republicans were self congratulating over passing a train-wreck budget because it didn’t raise taxes.

Then there was the Debt Ceiling Deal recently passed at the Federal Level – it is a deal that Jerry Brown would love. No spending cuts, lots of smoke and mirrors and was rewarded by Standard and Poors with an unprecedented downgrade of the USA’s credit rating.

What was the response from the Left? Arrest the leaders of S&P, it’s all Bush’s fault! What was the response from the Right? See – we didn’t raise taxes – you should love us for this.

Like someone with battered woman syndrome or Stockholm syndrome – the Republican leadership drinks the Kool-Aid again.

What was the response of real America?

62% believe spending cuts mean slowing the pace of spending. So does S&P and Moody’s who are ready to downgrade the USA again at the end of the year.

But the GOP leadership are still chugging the Kool-Aid.

67% favor spending cuts in all Government Programs. Not the GOP leadership.

Only three members of California’s Republican delegation agreed with 67% of America.

Yet the idiots in the media and in the halls of Government are acting like S&P and Moody’s are the bad guys – heck S&P and Moody’s were the nimrods that climbed in bed with the Obama bailouts and his government takeovers of several large US companies. Moody’s rated Lehman Brothers 4 stars the day before they collapsed.

If S&P, Moody’s and America can figure it out – why can’t the GOP leadership? If S&P and Moody’s all the sudden have recovered their integrity and 67% of America says cut spending – meaning a substantial number of Obama’s voters from 2008 are saying this too, it really does suggest that the GOP leadership are intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again.

I close with a quote from Financial Guru Dave Ramsey:

“If the US Government was a family, they would be making $58,000 a year, spending $75,000 a year, & they’re $327,000 in credit card debt. They are currently proposing REALLY BIG spending cuts to reduce their spending to $72,000 a year. These are the actual proportions of the federal budget & debt, reduced to a level that we can understand.”

From this blogger to GOP leadership – STEP AWAY FROM THE KOOL-AID.