May 222011

Many of you regular readers of this blog have read me write more than a few times about my expulsion from Red County. I got expelled because I was honest about working for Steve Poizner.

Matt Cunningham is one of the partners in Red County – he is a well-connected member of the “Orange County Mafia”. The OC Mafia basically control the California GOP.

Cunningham is a reputed “conservative” activist. He was in Jon Fleischman’s wedding for example, and he has known several OC legislators since they were in College.

Somewhere, the quest for a paycheck trumped his Conservative Activist background.

The Friends for Fullerton’s Future Blog just opened up Cunningham again – finding a $30,000 contract for more Government Work. Here’s the deal – it is not wrong, just hypocritical for Cunningham to be doing this – and when you read the blog and the contract itself – you’ll see that Cunningham is sucking at the government teet for doing little or nothing.

Cunningham’s Partner – Chip Hanlon is getting sued by the FINRA and the SEC for fraud. Hanlon had also had his license to practice financial planning revoked in 2009 and a Bankruptcy around that time as well – explaining why the Red County Blog was sold to Meg Whitman.

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Add to this, the previous revelations that Cunningham raked in over $200,000 from the first five commission – the Rob Reiner thing known as prop 10 – and you have a pattern of hypocricy.

You can see multiple posts about the First Five Commission all over the FFFF blog. Try Here, And Here, Again Here and some more Here.

The point? Matt Cunningham railed against Prop 10 for a long time before it passed. Chip Hanlon self-righteously bloveated against paid blogging.

Still others here locally seized on the self-righteous cannon and libel of the above two to use in their “case” against some of us locally.

So – some tried to use Fraud at the CRA convention and also used the rantings of two fruadsters from the OC to “reform” things? Epic Fail.

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