May 272011

For those of you scoring at home:

1. Chip Hanlon is getting Sued by the SEC, and had his license to do business revoked by FINRA.
2. The IRS is cracking down on 501C4 “charities”.
3. Jeff Stone, who was the opponent to Joel Anderson got fined by the FPPC
4. Jim Nielsen is getting exposed as a Liberal

Jeff Stone and his campaign for State Senate played a very large role in publicizing the wild accusations against the Placer County Republican Party in 2009, with regard to the contribution to Senator Joel Anderson’s campaign, which was later returned to the Party.  I cannot prove it, but I suspect that the Stone campaign for State Senate (against Joel Anderson) was directly or indirectly responsible for instigating the Fair Political Practices Commission investigation of the Placer County Republican Party.  The Placer County Republican Central Committee did nothing wrong — and we followed the legal advice that we were given by the Fair Political Practices Commission itself — but the investigation was a major distraction for the Executive Committee in 2009.

Now, in one of life’s wonderful ironies, Jeff Stone recently agreed to pay $16,000 in fines for failing to properly report $84,052 in contributions to his 2010 campaign for State Senate.  The Placer Central Committee was attacked mercilessly even though we were never formally accused of doing anything wrong.  Placer never paid any fines or faced any charges.  Now, the candidate who did more than anyone else (even more than Jim Ruffalo) to publicize the unwarranted attacks against the Placer County Republican Party has admitted to serious wrong-doing.  I do not know the specific nature of the charges against him or whether they were true, but it is amusing to see another example of the old saying that “what goes around comes around.”

Stone faces $16,000 FPPC fine

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By PE Politics on May 26, 2011

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone has agreed to pay $16,000 for failing to properly report $84,052 in contributions to his 2010 campaign for state Senate.

The state Fair Political Practices Commission will consider the fine at its June 9 meeting.

Stone, of Temecula, unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination in the 36th state Senate District, which includes southwest Riverside County. He finished second in the June 2010 election to then-Assemblyman Joel Anderson, R-Alpine, who went on to win the general election.

Stone was not available for comment Thursday. In June 2010, a spokesman said the campaign failed to report the donations because of a misunderstanding of state rules that require, within 90 days of an election, disclosing contributions of $1,000 or more within 24 hours.

— Jim Miller

There is a reason why it is smart not to respond to all the BS charges made against one’s self in politics. Usually, those that deal in BS get burned by their own actions eventually.

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