Feb 012011

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ROCKLIN, CA — Rocklin City Councilman Scott Yuill has endorsed Republican Beth Gaines for the 4th Assembly District in the March 8 special election. Scott Yuill is a tax-fighting conservative and was the leading vote-getter in Rocklin in the 2010 city council elections.

“Beth Gaines represents the values we need in the legislature. She is a conservative who cares deeply about the community and understands the need to attract job-creating businesses to our area,” said Councilman Yuill. “I know Beth will do a great job for Rocklin and for the entire 4th district.”

Scott Yuill is a 22 year Rocklin business owner and past Chairman of the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce. He was elected to the City Council in November 2006 and reelected in November of 2010, when he was the top vote-getter in the city elections.

“It is an honor to have Scott’s support,” said Gaines. “He is doing a tremendous job for the people of Rocklin and I look forward to working closely with him on ideas to improve our local economy, attract business and make government at all levels more responsible with our tax dollars.”

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