Feb 182011

With a left-wing liberal Democrat like Jack Duran winning a supervisor seat in Roseville and the Richard Pan race giving the Dems a foothold in Granite Bay – the socialists that run the capitol are drooling. The Democrats think they can further pierce Dark Red Placer County.

It is the perceived weakness of Beth Gaines that has them salavating.

As it was told to me by a source inside speaker Perez’ office – Beth has had tremendous difficulty raising money from donors historically alinged with Ted Gaines.

As the residency issue alomst cost Conservative Icon Tom McClintock in his 2008 Congressional race, the Nepotism issue seems to be a larger factor against Beth Gaines than anyone thought.

Finally, the Dems are all aware of the cue cards etc and the reticence of the Gaines camp to have Beth Gaines in open format debates or exposed to having to speak at length in public (without questions in advance / controlling the format, etc).

The perception is that the combination of the above as an opportunity.

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This is the information as it was presented to this blogger…

… what this means is – Perez still has an estimated $6million to play with. He could easily unload enough of it to prop up Campanelle. They got a terrible candidate Richard Pan (who can’t finish a sentence) elected, why not a 60+-year-old Union Organizer?

It certainly makes you wonder…

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  10 Responses to “AD-04 Update: Disturbing News out of Speaker Perez’ Office – AD04 a Target for Dem Takeover?”

  1. First of all, Jack Duran is not a left-wing liberal Democrat. I am well aware of what he does for a living, but his personal convictions would be just left of center, and I’m sure that’a the way he will govern as supe in his red district. Secondly, what does Beth Ganies’ weakness have to do with the Dems thinking they can win this seat? Do they think they can beat Gaines for 2nd place and force with run-off between Campanale and Allard? I’ve haven’t even seen any evidence of Campanale mounting any kind of campaign thus far, have you? don’t worry, AD4 is still a GOP safe seat, and I think the Dems know that.

  2. AVM – usually we agree. On this, you’re way off – Duran had the stonewallers, the AFL-CIO chipping in $10K and damn near every union supporting him!

    They don’t go to the wall like that for a Blue-Dog.

    You know what Beth Gaines’ perceived weakness has to do with this? If Campy gets in to the runoff – which he will, he is the only dem and there are enough dems to get him there… then the Democrats could wipe out an unprepared candidate.

    With Even $2million, they could bury all but the strongest of candidates. Only Allard fits the bill of a prepared candidate.

  3. AVM – I also forgot that any candidate that is perceived as weak is invariably targeted… remember when John Doolittle attracted a ton of vultures in 2007?

  4. Don’t worry, much as I wish it were otherwise,Allard will be in the top two for the run-off to face the Dem.

  5. NICE SCARE TACTIC CHEAP CRAP AARON – I’M REALLY SURPRISED AT YOU!!!! This is even below your normal standards!! How much does Allard pay you really – fess up – It’s way too much!!! Glad to hear that the Placer GOP sold all it’s equipment to Allard – How much did he pay for that and was there a vote of the body that I missed!!!

  6. Total Registered Democratic Republican “Decline to
    State Assembly 4
    Alpine 733 280 245 162
    El Dorado 82,037 25,726 35,203 15,824
    Placer 171,028 50,464 81,331 32,740
    Sacramento 39,907 14,925 15,120 7,901
    District Total 293,705 91,395 131,899 56,627
    Percent 31.12% 44.91% 19.28%

  7. Chance of Democrat Winning Seat – 0-8 % – Let’s focus on picking a great candidate and skip all the BS Scare Tactic Stuff!! Shall We!!!!

  8. The previous comments were brought to you by Crown Royal with major funding from Balco Labs of Mexico.

    Editor’s note: Upon further review the primary sponsor was Night Train. In the interest of journalistic accuracy – we post retractions from time to time.

  9. That’s the best you got huh!!!! WEAK!!! Just like John’s chance of winning!! Still waiting for an answer on the Central Comm. Equipment that is being used by Allard Campaign??

    Editor’s Note: What the hell are you talking about?

  10. Gee I don’t know – I hear it’s a video??? Maybe on You Tube Soon??? Editors Note That’s Gay!!

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