Feb 242011

Allard Mailer #5 is the best mailer of the campaign.

This here is the best sign of the campaign.

You could tell by how fast they were getting ripped down after being posted.

This latest mailer from the Allard campaign went back and keyed on all the reasons why you should support John Allard.

Unlike Beth Gaines’ mailer #5 – Allard’s mailer had full penetration in the district. (Gaines’ mailer hit Roseville only) Allard’s final mailer was also in the same format as the previous four. (Full size postcard)

Gaines’ mailers went from a 6 1/2×11 postcard to a full-size postcard to a four-page attack against John Allard (with no mention of why to vote for Beth) to another positive postcard piece about immigration only, then peice five was the bizarre letter in the envelope.

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Allard’s 5th Peice features: Lew Uhler, the CRA (YEAH!) and venerable retired State Senator Tim Leslie.

Take a look here.

ON the front is a cut out of him signing the no new taxes pledge along with the bullet points about his qualifications – something Beth Gaines could not match.

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  4 Responses to “AD-04 Update: John Allard Mailer #5 is the Closer”

  1. Oh man, Beth is in trouble. Do you think she ran out of money?

  2. What difference does it make it make if the legislative salary goes to Gaines or someone else? It’s still going to be paid out. And since both Gaines said they would not take per diem, that would be a savings, right?

    Editor’s Note: Here’s the deal – Beth has attacked John Allard for the $5K in cell phone / internet service… therefore the $55K in per-diem is fair game.

    As to the double-dip deal, voters care about that… you and I might not. But, we are political insiders and wonks. My issue with Beth Gaines has always been experience (or lack thereof) not her status as a mother of 6, whether or not she really owns a business (or works in it) – or anything else. I’ve never seen her walking precincts, John Allard has, I’ve never seen her working in a business, John Allard has, I’ve never seen Beth serve on community boards, planning commissions etc… John Allard has.

    That’s it, that simple.

  3. Once the Gaineses pay back what they (in my opinion) stole from tax payers, we can talk about how having both of them serving as legislators somehow “saves” the state money.

  4. Been seeing those signs throughout Rocklin – simply awesome

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