Oct 262010

This is from Barbara Alby’s State Senate campaign website.

I take due note that Millionaire State Legislator Roger Niello has attacked Ted Gaines for supporting AB1422 – like he did… Niello owns AB1383 all by himself.

While you can defend AB1422 – as it replaced a 5.5% fee with a 2.35% tax that the Feds are paying – AB1383 was a tax on hospitals.

Niello also owns the Feb 2009 state budget. While Niello tries in vain to justify voting for the largest tax increase in State history – the summary says it all. That budget fixed nothing (evidenced by the still $20billion dollar state deficit)

Niello voted for AB1879 – which allows the State Government to regulate Clorox, literally.

Niello voted to extend the LA County special Sales tax increase from 6 years to 30 years. Nice, huh? And the voters in LA County will not be able to repeal the tax (even though the roads they thought they were buying have not been completed or started in some cases)

Niello voted for the 2007 budget – which did not raise taxes, but did increase spending by $10 Billion.

In 2006 – He voted for an SEIU contract that gave out bonus checks to all state workers and a 3.5% pay raise + a guaranteed raise in 2007. Roger Niello did this despite massive state deficits and an economy that at the time was starting to skid.

He later received a $7800 Check from the SEIU for his State Senate Campaign.

SB1266 – the largest Bond in any State’s history. (Fitting, isn’t it?)

AB140 – the flood bond that was a fraud grab bag for special interests.

… and Roger Niello mocks the “No New Taxes Pledge”. Nice, huh?

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