Oct 292010

They know who will cut the deals to raise spending and taxes to keep their candy flowing.

The allegedly conservative Roger Niello is the beneficiary of an IE by the Teacher’s union. The people who think Harvey Milk should share the stage with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln… the people who think your daughter should have an abortion without you knowing about it… have endorsed Roger Niello. Note – there is a Democrat in the race, Ken Cooley – but the CTA know who will deliver the goods for them.

This is what will happen in the Prop 14 world of elections – Unions will start unloading wads of money in Republican districts to influence the outcomes of elections. Roger Niello helped make that happen by voting to put Prop 14 on the ballot.

Take a look – Roger Niello the choice of the Teacher’s Union.

And of course on the front, the Teacher’s Union pet project – driving more jobs out of California (than Niello’s votes already have) with supporting Prop 24 to repeal corporate tax breaks given in that Feb 2009 budget.

So Roger Niello + Yes on 24, the choices of the Teacher’s Union? Nice.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

This is what not signing the No New Taxes Pledge looks like – gotta keep the options open so that you can keep your supporters happy.

Good Lord – California is in a bubble from the rest of the nation.

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