I Thought Slates Didn’t Work in Rocklin? Excellent Piece of Mail for RUSD Candidates

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Oct 292010

I am truly suprised.

The Placer Herald prints their hatchet job against Amanda Tingler, Glenn Moeller and Joe Scharrer and the same day this mailer comes. The timing is really interesting.

That does not take away from the fact that it is a great mailer.

I need to look up the voter registrations of the other 5 folks quoted – but I know Camille Maben is a liberal Democrat who once worked for Delaine Eastin.

Eastin was known for attacking private schools in favor of Union schools in the mold of Bill Honig who ran the ICR out of California.

Other than having a glowing quote from a liberal Democrat – the Mailer is a success on several fronts:

On the address side – excellent pictures of the candidates. I am not a fan of the suit-and-tie look on the guys, but that’s just me. (I drive a Subaru Outback and wear sandals)

It also tells you what to vote for – someone with marketing experience put this together.

On the Back – they cite all the rave reviews the district is getting. There are a lot of number #1’s listed when compared to the area or the entire State. (Remember, California’s schools are ranked 49th in the nation overall)

They then use six endorsees that look like a representative sample of the communtiy to make the case as to why they should be re-elected.

I appreciate the fact that they are not running from the fact that they are incumbents – rather, like Scott Yuill, they are making the case why they deserve to be spared the wrath of the angry voter.

Here’s the insider scoop – between the Placer Herald Hit Peice on Amanda Tingler and Glenn Moeller and this mailer coming out… it tells me that Both Amanda and Glenn are getting traction.

I have news for the RUSD – it would not be a bad thing for some new blood to come on board, really.

All the above said – this mailer is a 9.5, quite possibly, it is the best mailer I have seen from any campaign for any reason this entire cycle. It was done by someone with marketing experience and makes a compelling case to re-elect the incumbents.

It could be too little too late for at least one of the incumbents.

I can’t Make this Crap Up – Two Boxer Employees Convicted of Child Porn

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Oct 282010

Barbara Boxer is a peice of work.

Corrupt to the core and get this – two of her employees are pedophile perverts.

Jeff Rosato got five years in Prison for Child Pornography.

Bernie Ward got 7 Years for Downloading and distributing Child Pornography.

I guess Barney Fwank was the right guy to host a fundwaiser for Boxer – given that Fwank had a male prostitute on the Federal Payroll for quite a long time.

Read it all here.

You sure won’t see this from her lapdogs in the Media.

Placer Herald: Joe Scharrer is the boogie man!

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Oct 282010

Hmmm. (click here for the article)

Is the RUSD in debt or not? Todd Lowell said no when I called him.

Is the RUSD in the pocket of the Union? Todd Lowell points to the fact that the board imposed a contract on the teachers when they insisted on huge raises despite the sputtering economy.

The issue I have with the RUSD board is that they have demonstrated an antipathy for Charter Schools. (This despite there being 4 under their auspices currently…)

What the Placer Herald will never report on is the behind-the-scenes machinations of Kevin Brown to protect the bureaucracy. Nor, have I ever seen real reporting of the near physical altercation Brown almost go into with Jerry Simmons.

A lot of people like Kevin, and I only know Kevin Brown from the stories told to me about him – but there needs to be some balance as you only hear about the “misbehavior” of the pro-charter school side.

Joe Scharrer? He’s the boogie man. You’re supposed to ignore all of the unprofessional behavior and the issues people believe that exist and vote for poor, picked on Steve Paul because Joe Scharrer may have authored an email about him.

I’m sorry. Steve Paul needs to tell us why to vote for him. Todd Lowell sure as hell did when I spoke to him! Todd Lowell effectively answered all the charges made against him when I spoke to him – I still disagree with Todd on some issues, but the man won me over.

As I have written before – Wendy Lang is not a Republican so I can not support her. That being said – she has run an aggressive campaign and has attempted to explain her left-of-center views with reasons why to support her. Good job, Wendy – that’s what you’re supposed to do!

And Joe Scharrer? He’s the boogie man of Rocklin – the man everyone in office loves to hate. And, the paper attempts to pull Glenn Moeller and Amanda Tingler down with him. Why doesn’t the Placer Herald just endorse the incumbents and get it over with? Seriously?

The Placer Herald once again aborts journalism in this article – the people of Rocklin deserved more than this article gave them, just like Scott Yuill did when they used him like a rag doll, just like Mark Klang did when the paper attempted to marginalize him.

Issues, that’s what people want discussed – issues.

When I bought Kitchen Appliances, Roger Niello Cost Me $16.35 + $1.50 every time I go to WalMart +$.35-$.50 Every Time I Buy Gas + $496 on my tax return + $166 On My New Car

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Oct 282010

My wife and I bought a home last year. $16.35 doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it – add it to the $166 on my car, $496 on my income taxes, $.50 per fill up, $1.00 per hundred of non-food items you buy and it gets there in a hurry.

We had to replace a couple appliances –

We got a nice Fridge for $890. Niello cost me $8.90

We got a dishwasher for $495. Niello cost me $4.95

We got a Microwave for $250 (then got a $200 rebate!) Niello cost me $2.50

We had to pay full sales tax on all three items as it is calculated pre-rebate.

When you go to WalMart and spend $100 on non-food items, Roger Niello costs you $1.

It starts to add up and quick – the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association says it adds up to $1200 a year for an average family. That’s $100 a month taken away from you and spent on the welfare state.

All this and Roger Niello voted a few years back to let the State (CAL-EPA) regulate common household chemicals – driving the cost of those up as well.

Quoting Arnold Squishenegger: When they wake up in the morning, they’re taxed, when they eat breakfast they’re taxed, when they go to the bathroom, they’re taxed. Arnold+Niello = Pain.

Press Tribune Article on the Roseville City Council Drama!

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Oct 272010

The recent article on the Roseville City Council Race has some interesting By-Lines to it:

Who is that masked e-mailer?

At least eight of these e-mails have gone out to recipients obtained by voter-registration lists. The domain server for the e-mails, “placercountygop.net” was purchased from GoDaddy.com through the domain name MarkKlang.info. That domain name is registered to Loomis resident Joseph Scharrer.

Scharrer isn’t new to local political controversy. In 2008, news stories reported that he bought dozens of website domains in the names of politicians he opposed to use the sites against the candidates.

Ooooooh, could it be?

They quote the “Non-Partisan” former employee of Charlie Brown for Congress (a liberal democrat) Lee Reed:

Roseville resident Lee Reed is upset by the partisanship of the e-mail messages. In 1960, at 21 years old, Reed tried to vote for the first time, but was turned away at the polling place, he said, because he “appeared to be a Republican” by his three-piece suit and shiny shoes in the Democratic-dominated city of Chicago — he actually planned to vote for John F. Kennedy Jr.

“I’ll never forget that,” Reed said. “I came from (a place) with some of the dirtiest politics in the nation. I moved out here to California. I want nonpartisan to be nonpartisan.”

Really? Then why Mr. Reed you file a complaint with the City Attorney’s office in an attempt to shut this blog down? Democrats. Free speech only works in one direction for them – you know, like the military ballots that several states deliberately did not send out in time?


More quotes:

Cannon, chief of staff for California Assemblyman Paul Cook, said he’ll focus on restoring jobs, improving the local economy and promoting public safety. The Roseville Planning Commissioner recently earned the endorsement of the Roseville Police Officers Association, Councilman John Allard and Councilman Jim Gray.

And now Tim Herman:

“I’m looking forward to being done with the (campaign) and going on to the next stage,” Herman said. “I’ve enjoyed knocking on doors and talking to people. I’m feeling very positive. It’s a long experience — I started walking precincts in 105 degree weather and (walked) this past weekend in the rain.”

Sounds like Mr. Herman thinks he has it won already.

(Pople) He has raised $2,866 for his campaign, mainly from the Placer County Democratic Central Committee, Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento and several individuals.

No surprise there. (The Stonewall Democrats are a lifestyle group of Democrats)

“(The campaign) has been very exciting and a lot of fun,” Rohan said. “I’m anxious to see the end of it. I’m just plugging away until it’s done. You do everything you can think of, and it’s best to just be settled.”

Amen, Susan. Just be settled – If I had a vote, I’d have voted for Sam and Susan already.