Oct 242010

Ladies and gentlemen – Roger Niello is losing. Barbara Alby is taking votes away from him.

This is why Alby’s crew are broadsiding Ted Gaines and why Alby is only attacking Ted Gaines in public.

And Now for Roger Niello’s Mail Peices.

The first one is the usual Roger Niello is the honest Tax-Raiser, Ted Gaines is a Fraud Peice – with a twist… Barbara Alby is a part of it.

Here’s the front – it features labor union endorsements and moderate Republican group endorsements. (He left off Kevin Johnson, Jimmy Yee and Don Notoli though – maybe those will be on a mailer to Democrats)

Here’s the Back – Note that while Niello goes to his mainstay attacks against Ted Gaines, he brings Barbara Alby in saying she is as good as he is on the issues he’s citing but calling her a “Former Assemblywoman”. I think Niello knows Barbara Alby is killing him in Sacramento County.

It’s too late, that train has left the station.

Here’s where the deception comes in – Millionaire State Legislator Roger Niello cites some A ratings from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association and re-cites the fraudulent California Republican Taxpayer’s Association.

And here is Niello Mailer number two.

The hyperbolic claim about Gaines opening the door to $41Billion more in taxes is made but not backed up by the Moderates in the CRTA.

The closer is Bruce Kranz – theĀ former supervisor from Placer County.

Kranz accuses Ted Gaines of blind ambition as if he is doing something wrong by running for State Senate. And – he brings Barbara Alby in to the equation suggesting that if you can’t vote for Roger Niello to vote for Barbara Alby to save the whopping sum of a Million Dollars.

Kranz voted for fee increases as a Placer County SupervisorĀ far larger than $1million.

I find it curious that someone who raised our taxes by $12 Billion all the sudden cares about a special election costing $1million? And the messenger is someone who raised taxes at the county level himself.

The last time I heard whining about the cost of a special election in these parts was from Gray Davis.

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