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Note: Ken Campbell has not walked a precinct, made a phone call or attended a Placer GOP event in about two years. Yet, he is always available when the local media needs comments critical of the local GOP leadership.

Those of you that read the “Flashreport” may have seen this gem from Ken Campbell on a related post to the SD01 Race.

I would not put too much faith in that CRA mail piece and the Ted Gaines endorsement. Roger Niello tells the story that Aaron Park repeated called his office and offered to block that CRA endorsement for $4,000 per month until the election. Aaron Park claimed the Park brothers would be able to do that for the $. Niello said, “NO”.

Evidently Aaron Park then went to Ted Gaines. Steve Davies personally told me they would not pay the Park brothers for an endorsement. I failed to ask Steve if money was funneled to the Parks in any round about manner. Believe me, $ went somewhere. The bottom line is, we all know how things work in this county, and that is why we throw away any recommendations from our local CRA.

Remember there is always Barbara Alby

Steve Davey’s Response: “I don’t know what Ken is talking about. This is nonsense. End of story”

Those of us on the Placer County Republican Central Committee know Ken Campbell is psychotic and basically could be the subject of a sophisticated psychological manual.

He and his fellow deranged operator – Karen England run a formerly legit organization the, CRI. Karen recently got hammered on this blog for telling an un-Christian Lie and apparently she shared her kool-aid (um Coors) with Mr. Campbell.

Ken talks about his faith in the community and it gets him votes for Central Committee – But Ken’s faith stops at trying to get revenge on anyone and everyone that he “thinks” has wronged him.

Bruce Kranz, Rocky Rockholm, Ted Gaines, John Doolittle, Robert Weygandt, Susan Rohan, Kathy Lund, John Allard, Kirk Uhler (those are the few that come to mind) – Ken hates them all.

But, in person, he’s a coward. Give him a computer and a couple beers and he gains 150lbs.

It has been Ken Campbell’s passion to drive a wedge between the CRA – the most Conservative Group in the Republican Party and the Tea Party. For the last year, Ken Campbell has propegated lies along with the Reverend Karen England (including her “race” for Lt. Governor).

So the man who is on the national board of directors of the Tea Party is still an obsessed coward – So much so that he prostitutes his faith telling a ton of colossal lies in his comment on the flashreport.

Karen England already admitted she lied about the whole deal.

Now Ken ups the ante by saying that Steve Davey confirmed a conversation he says I had with him and also drags Roger Niello in to the fray.

In an Email, Steve Davey wrote: “I don’t know what Ken is talking about. This is nonsense. End of story”

Ken Campbell is a liar and is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and I am sure Barbara Alby would disavow this behavior.

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