Oct 302010

Want the Democrats to have unfettered access to your wallet? Vote yes on 25 – I know the deceptive ads are talking about how you can “screw the man” if you vote yes. That “man” would be you. Prop 25 would effectively end Prop 13 in California — Consider the following:


Prop 25 Actually Rewards Legislators for Passing Sham Budgets


The Legislators behind Prop 25 are lying to the voters! They won’t forfeit a dime under Prop 25.  In fact, Prop 25 actually rewards them for passing sham budgets, AND makes it easier for them to increase their own tax-free expense accounts.


Would all the Sacramento politicians supporting Prop 25 be doing so if it actually threatened their pay?


Recent polling shows a concerning level of support for Prop. 25 among Republican voters, in part, because they are so angry and frustrated with the Democrat-controlled state Legislature that they want to believe it will hold legislators accountable. They are being fooled!

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The Democrats and public employee unions that have put $10 million behind Prop 25 are lying that it will punish legislators if they don’t pass a budget on time.


Prop. 25 doesn’t do anything to ensure that a budget is signed! Prop. 25 would only require the legislature to pass a budget – no matter how gimmick-filled and out-of-balance it may be – with a majority vote, to keep their taxpayer funded pay and perks flowing. After that happens, it could be months and months until a real budget is signed by the governor!


Even Mac Taylor, the legislature’s non-partisan analyst, said the punish-the-legislators provisions of Prop. 25 “can be very easily circumvented by just passing some budget by June 15 even if it is not signed by the governor.”


Republican voters need to know that Prop. 25 is the ultimate Democrat-Union power play. And if Jerry Brown wins there’ll be nothing to stop them from increasing taxes, pensions and enacting their extreme agenda for California…and doing so with a majority vote.


Remember what happened the last time Democrats and the Unions controlled Sacramento? They created the budget crisis we’re in now!

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