Oct 302010

Greg Janda has run an aggressive campaign for City Council.

As I have said before – I like Greg, I think he has made a couple mistakes, but for a first campaign has done well.

He has raised enough money to buy the California Voter Guide for $3k. He has also been able to send out two mailers.

In addition if you check your “junk mail” he’s had two inserts in that as well. Not a bad showing at all.

The second mailer incorporates the Male Chauvanist Sacramento Bee endorsement in it. (I can’t help myself – the Bee sucks and if they ever endorsed me, I’d hide it)

It also has the Roseville Cops and Fire – now that is a big deal. Brett Storey’s quote is shortened and there are a few stylistic changes.

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This is a solid offering at 7.5 gets a B+.

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