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Nice huh? Most in the Tea Party are not insane or so consumed with rage they can’t see straight.

The three brain surgeons that decided to windshield cars in the Bayside Parking Lot were the exception. Out of the Ken Campbell school of spreading God’s love the older woman with long grey hair cussed out the CFO of Bayside in the parking lot when asked to leave.

That same woman was on the corner of Sierra College and Douglas waiving a Barbara Alby for Senate sign earlier.

I would assume that Barbara Alby would not approve of such behavior – just like she would not approve of Lt Gov “Candidate” Karen England spreading a lie regarding the CRA endorsement of Ted Gaines.

The subplots are as follows: These Tea Party members only cared about the Per-Diem and claimed that Gaines got it tax-free. They did not seen to care about Roger Niello raising taxes 12.6 Billion.

This further suggests collusion between Alby and Niello. And those Tea Party members were also lying as Gaines indeed paid taxes on that money.

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Again – how does $94K compare to $12.6 Billion?

Subtext number 2: Ted Gaines was a founding member of Bayside Church 15 years ago. This is why it is equally absurd when I see blog comments and facebook posts about what a scumbag Ted Gaines is. But, Rick Keene, who helped found a church in Chico was subjected to the same treatment.

It seems that elements of the Tea Party in in this area of California is way different than in other states.

The following is the text of an email sent to Alby’s Campaign by a friend who first-hand witnessed what happened:

Ms. Alby, you may want to reign in some of your more vocal campaign hacks this weekend.  The ones putting your campaign fliers on private church property, especially the older lady with long gray hair and loud foul mouth, didn’t make you look very good tonight.  It’s kind of ironic to have someone passing out materials with Bible versus on them while also dropping 4 letter words on senior church staff and hail false accusations. This is not how Ronald Reagan would want good Christian Conservative leaders to behave, or Jesus Christ for that matter.


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  6 Responses to “Barbara Alby Supporters Cuss out Bayside Staff”

  1. I would not be surprised to find out that Roger Niello is combining his $$$ with Ms. Alby to prevent Ted Gaines to win. We all know that Ted is the only true conservative in this race. Roger can buy all kinds of buses and drive around the district with his big face and name printed on the bus while people are suffering record unemployment rates derived from his votes for the Dem-budget.

    I just hope that people see through this scam and don’t waste their vote on Alby which would only help Niello get what he always felt to be entitled to…. the seat of the late Dave Cox. Niello’s main argument at the first CRA meeting was that “he was so proud to be always succeeding the late Dave Cox (Supervisor, Assembly, and now Senate). Pathetic.

  2. You might want to get both sides of the story before you start spreading the lies.

  3. By the way, you just proved to me that everything you told Cyndy and I for lunch was pure b.s. God sometimes works in strange ways to show us the truth, but we can always depend on Him to show us which path we should follow. I know God will expect me to forgive you, but I’ll know better than to ever believe a word that comes out of you mouth – or your keyboard.

  4. Mr. Ricketts – God also knows you can believe what you want. This would include accusing fellow Chirstians like Ted Gaines and Rick Keene of corruption and being dirtbags.

    You were not in that parking lot. I know all the people involved, end of story.

    The SD-01 Race has turned in to one of the ugliest – even uglier than the SD-04 Primary. These sorts of tilts cause permanent animosity.

  5. Mr. Park:

    I was in that parking lot. You weren’t.

    I know all of the people involved. Obviously, you don’t.

    Unless your article is based on a direct description of the events by a witness to those events, you wrote an article based upon hearsay evidence which I’m sure you understand is notoriously unreliable. If your source for the description of the events that transpired is one or all of the three gentlemen that confronted us in the parking lot, then I am shocked and deeply disappointed that people who profess to be Christians would need to embellish the description of the actual events that transpired. If you exaggerated or distorted what they told you merely to score some cheap political points, then disappointment is the mildest term that might apply.

    I cannot know whether the the story you were given was exaggerated or whether the misrepresentation was yours, but in either case, I would expect an honest man to seek the other side of the story.

    You did not.

    End of story.

  6. My friend Jeff C. who witnessed the whole thing is lying. Dave Hanson, the CFO of Bayside is lying. The “Road Warriors” (the guys in orange) who were out in the parking lot were lying.

    It seems like all of Bayside was lying. God understands that people can believe what they want I guess.

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