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A little over a week ago, the Roseville Press-Tribune ran an article on David Larson for Roseville City Council.

We covered it here on Right on Daily. David moved here to Roseville with his wife/spouse/husband from the Bay Area.

David is also featuring the endorsements of prominent Placer County Liberals – like Jennifer Montgomery who voted against a county ordinace to ban project labor agreements in Placer County.

But Larson leads with his left – big time. It is hard to understand why the Placer County Democrat Party is abandoning David, he should be their poster child… A bay-area liberal who was Married by Gavin Newsome?

Of note – David highlights his participating in the Sustainability Action Committee, the Growth Management Committee and the like. When you couple this with the Democrat endorsements – you can safely conclude that he is both Green and Anti-Growth.

Occupation: Roseville Planning Commissioner/Small Business
Education and Qualifications: I have a Bachelor’s in
Marketing/Economics from SJSU. My community involvement and
qualifications include: Roseville Planning Commission, Roseville’s
Sustainability Action Committee, Roseville Parks and Recreation Commission, Project Play Committee, Roseville Chamber Mentoring
Program, Roseville Leadership Program, Roseville Growth Management Vison Committee, and Revitalization Committee.
Volunteer work: Blue Oaks Neighborhood Association, Tommy Apostolos Fund, Neverforgetourfa!len organization, March of Dimes, and One Root Festival.
My current role as Planning Commissioner provides valuable experience to effectively manage our city’s growth while maintaining its culturally rich history, character, and warmth. Our city government must deliver practical and creative solutions to the challenges the city of Roseville faces today. As a councilmember, I would work collaboratively to support fiscally sound planning, strengthen our local economy, and enhance public safety.
I am proud to be endorsed by: the Roseville Police Association, Jennifer Montgomery – Placer County Supervisor 5th District, and David Uribe – Chairman Roseville Library Board.
Please join me in moving Roseville forward. I ask for your support on November 2nd – together we can ensure that Roseville continues to develop as one of the most attractive and vibrant cities in the country.

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  One Response to “Roseville City Council Race Update – David Larson the Gay Green Savior?”

  1. The Democratic Party is not abandoning David. They have endorsed him for city council. He was not married by Gavin Newsome. Conservatives cant win with facts, so they make up stuff like Obama not being an American or being a Muslim or other such nonsense.

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