Sep 172010

Link for attribution to the Sacramento Bee

 The Cartoon sums up how many of us in Placer County Feel. We have busted our tails for years only to have many in the local tea party believe the insane rantings of a few with personal axes to grind.

Some of the more vocal leaders in the Tea Party have continued their attacks in the General Election and are bent on disrupting those of us trying to elect Republicans.

Yeah they are angry all right and they give the Dems a free pass while they attack Republicans.

Babin is a left-wing moonbat… he made this Cartoon to slam the Tea Party and to try to marginalize them. In many areas the Tea Party is functional and productive – In Placer, many of their leaders are unstable Political Anarchists. (And the Bee uses their rantings as source data for their articles slamming the GOP Cent Com)

Instead of helping Sam Aanestad in the primary – the most viable Conservative – they have recruited a candidate for Lt. Governor now and are actively involved in trying to help Gavin Newsome get elected Lt. Governor.

Nice, Huh.

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