Sep 272010

I had originally reported that Roger Niello was the source. That was incorrect – what Roger did was make a mention of a situation in passing to Barbara Alby when Alby complained to him that I had locked down a CRA endorsement for Ted Gaines. – This was straight from Niello himself.

When I was acosted by an angry Tea Party member after the meeting – Barbara unwittingly confirmed the lie posted below by mentioning her conversation with Roger Niello.

No matter that LaVeta Stelzmiller from ElDorado, Greg Marks from Nevada and Carl Brickey from Consumes were responsible for picking their club’s delegates…

Roger Niello has about as much chance of getting a CRA Endorsement as the San Francisco 49ers have of winning the Super Bowl. Niello did not attend – he did not receive a single vote.

As posted by Roger Niello Supporter and close Karen England Ally and Confidant (and former Tea Party Patriot) James Moore on his facebook page (which was forwarded to me by a friend):


Mr. Moore needs to check a map – the Zip Code is 95661 and there is a suite number of 170.

In addition Sacramento RA delegate and Barbara Alby supporter James Ricketts tried to make an issue of this until Ted Gaines told the entire assembly no one there (other than his campaign manager David Creager) was on his payroll. I have been able to deduce that Ricketts was called by Karen England.

Unbeknowgst to Karen – I knew that the Neillo team told her about an employment arrangement that was discussed but never consumated. In a fit of anger a Niello staffer called her after I went over to the Gaines camp. (I know who the staffer is and when they said it – it is not necessary to inflame the sitaution by naming them)

Karen England Lied. James Moore Lied. They took the information given to them and twisted it around in an attempt to scorn the CRA and Ted Gaines. This has been Karen’s pattern for years when she does not get what she wants from the CRA – despite being a current sitting state officer.

To recap the “corruption”: for $4K – I got 7 people to drive an hour from Placerville and 4 people to drive 1.5 Hours from Grass Valley and 7 people to drive 45 minutes from Elk Grove (while one of those 7 supported Barbara) in order to participate in a rigged convention for Gaines!

Ted Gaines got all that for $4k! What a fiscal Conservative Ted Gaines is! (He got it all for free – because GASP! the members of those CRA units actually support Ted Gaines, the horror!)

Now that I am done with this – I will don my cape and find other ways to engage in fiscally conservative extortion!

(I did such a great job rigging the process that one member from my own club (the corrupt Placer CRA) voted for Barbara Alby…)

As far as England’s stake in the SD-01 Race? She hates Ted Gaines’ Cheif of Staff and Hates Barbara Alby – so she is supporting Roger Niello. She’ll never admit it, but insiders know it.

Ted Gaines Endorsed by the CRA by a 3-1 Margin

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Sep 272010

This was a convention that featured 5 CRA units whose status as Real units with real people is not in doubt.

Nevada RA 4-0

El Dorado RA 7-0

Placer CRA 6-1

Sacramento RA 1-6

Consumes RA 6-1

Even better – the campaigns were given a list of the delegates with most of their contact info beforehand.

It was reported to this blogger that Roger Niello did in fact call several delegates before the convention.

And handful of local Tea Party activists were also in attendance.

Why it sucks to be Barbara Boxer – Special Edition

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Sep 262010

When your own home newspaper refuses to endorse you and a paper that is published by the Chineese embassy at that – the SF Chronicle… it sucks to be Barbara Boxer.

Even their (The SF Chron’s) refusal to support Carly amounts to a ringing highlight on what Fiorina stands for – versus what Meg Whitman has squished out on.

The incumbent, Democrat Barbara Boxer, has failed to distinguish herself during her 18 years in office. There is no reason to believe that another six-year term would bring anything but more of the same uninspired representation…

…The challenger, Republican Carly Fiorina, has campaigned with a vigor and directness that suggests she could be effective in Washington – but for an agenda that would undermine this nation’s need to move forward on addressing serious issues such as climate change, health care and immigration.

WOW! Now that is an endorsement for the 70% of Californians that have not gone insane… you know, those that are going to vote yes on 23. (Even the LA Times pathetically biased poll has 23 winning)

For the first time since her dirty trick in 1992 extended her reign of terror on America, she is facing scrutiny.

Boxer has been caught Buying Maxine Waters and paying off her family members.

Now, even her own home paper has tossed her under the BART. (Bay Area Rapid Transit – the most successful public transit in California only about 1/3 taxpayer subsidized)

For some Californians, Boxer’s reliably liberal voting record may be reason enough to give her another six years in office. But we believe Californians deserve more than a usually correct vote on issues they care about. They deserve a senator who is accessible, effective and willing and able to reach across party lines to achieve progress on the great issues of our times. Boxer falls short on those counts.
Boxer’s campaign, playing to resentment over Fiorina’s wealth, is not only an example of the personalized pettiness that has infected too much of modern politics, it is also a clear sign of desperation.
In past elections, Boxer has had the good fortune of having Republican opponents who were inept, underfunded, on the fringe right – or combinations thereof. Her opponent this time, Fiorina, is proving to be articulate, well-funded and formidable.

Unlike the Sacramento Bee – the SF Chron is honest about being Communists and their refusal to endorse Carly despite their obvious disdain for Boxer is as much an endosement as anything. Too bad they are too arrogant in their pompous liberalism to realize that they actaully help Fiorina by casting a clear contrast to the epic fail of Obama.

Unfortunately for Californians who are eager for change, Fiorina has firmly staked out positions that are outside of the state’s mainstream values and even its economic interest. The list only begins with her openness to offshore oil drilling, her opposition to the Roe vs. Wade abortion rights ruling and her unwillingness to support even the most commonsense gun-control measures to keep assault weapons off the street or to deny guns to suspected terrorists on the federal “no fly list.”

Here it is at the conslusion – they specify Fiorina’s stances that are different than Boxers and say that Fiorina is the wrong change from Boxer. I guess they wanted Meg Whitman to run for Senate against Boxer – someone who is a little nicer but damn near as liberal.

This is what happens to partisan liberals – when their ideas fail, they catch themselves in logical traps. The last time Liberals had to deal with the consequences of their ideals – they got recalled.

It sucks to be Barbara Boxer – she’s next.

Sep 262010

Wow! Amazing things happen when you have to run a campaign finally.

(Its’ called scrutiny)

Barbara Boxer was part of the same excesses that landed some Republicans in prison and will send Rangel and Waters to the can as well.

Maxine Waters… a flaming communist and a life-long buddy of Boxers, has drank from the same kool-aid vat for years and they’ve been paying each other’s people (off) for “consulting”.

Now Boxer’s son is caught with his fingers in the cookie jar – and look close again, this is real corruption. (as opposed to hundreds of dollars – this is hundreds of thousands of dollars)

From the National Review

From 2001 to 2006 – with precisely one Boxer Senate campaign during that period – Boxer paid her son more than $320,000, according to a report by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. During the 2008 election cycle, Boxer’s PAC gave $141,000 to the firm Douglas Boxer & Associates. So far this cycle, Boxer’s PAC has paid another $108,000.

A cool $570,000 in 10 years, not bad.

The issue here is using campaign money for personal benefit. It looks like Barbara Boxer is right there with Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel.

…Sen. Barbara Boxer has repeatedly paid Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ daughter for a prominent spot on a “sample ballot” sent out to voters in the South Central Los Angeles district, effectively buying an endorsement from Rep. Waters….

Nice, Huh – and Boxer was one of the biggest finger-pointers at Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney. She ought to be in the same federal prison where they were.

The latest installment of why it sucks to be Barbara Boxer.

Sacramento Bee Endorsement choices a blow for David Larson

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Sep 252010

Click here for the link to the story.

First of all – quoting the story is why they did not endorse Sam Cannon:

Two other contenders, Sam Cannon and David Larson, also have done their time on appointed boards, currently on the city planning commission. But they bring some baggage.

Cannon, who also ran in 2008, is chief of staff to Republican Assemblyman Paul Cook and professes the party line of no new taxes, pension reform and less business regulation.

According to the Bee Sam Cannon’s “Baggage” is no new taxes, pension reform and reducing the size of Government.

The Bee wasn’t finished – they took a swipe at the Tea Party while disregarding Dave Brown.

What’s more interesting is why a newspaper that is going to endorse Gavin Newsome and Kamala Harris – easily the two most leftist nominees the California Democrat Party has ever put up… is citing David Larson’s leftist stances as a reason to pass him over.

The real reason is that Larson must have been unable to provide enough substance to give the Bee cover for making an ideaological endorsement – which is what they generally do.

They cite Susan as a Moderate Republican and cite Tim Herman is a non-partisan.

They don’t know Susan.

Referring to Tim Herman: If opposing Parental Notification, supporting Gun Control, supporting an electric car ordinance, favoring Green Policies, being Pro-Choice and opposing Prop 8 are the stands of a Moderate… then David Larson is a communist.

The sad fact is Larson may well be…

Larson has deepened his involvement in local Democratic politics. He is supported by public employee unions, and says layoffs and furloughs of city workers are his absolute last resort.
Meantime – the Bee continues to hemmorage subscribers.