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Anyone who thinks Karen’s campaign for Lt. Governor is about Conservative values needs to take a close look, based on her past and current behavior:

People in the Lincoln Tea Party were “bragging” that Karen could get 50 to 60 thousand votes in the upcoming election. So why run? Why risk being known for helping Gavin Newsome win if the election is close?

The Capitol Resource Institute is her main gig. For years – the CRI has paid for her to go on junkets to Republican conventions and other faith-based political conventions around the country. Others of us in politics usually pay out of our pocket for stuff like this.

We have been told that the CRI is on hard times financially – in fact, so hard of times that she is on half-time and all of their employees were released. Most recently, Meredith Turney went to work for Peter Foy in Southern California.

Karen will tell you she is at half-time to add jewels to her pending application for sainthood.

A series of desperate emails have gone out from the CRI recently – stating they will close their doors without money, City on the Hill will go away etc etc etc… (Too bad Oral Roberts isn’t around to tell people God will take him home without funding)

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The whole thing is too well timed.

* England took a job with the Pro-Choice and Pro-Civil Union Steve Poizner for Governor Campaign in May 2010 to pay the bills as well. This gave the CRI about a 4 week break from paying her salary.

Capitol Resource Institute is a 501c3 non-profit which means you can dump campaign money in to it.

In 2008 for example – Congressman Tom McClintock emptied out some $6,000 from his State Account in to the CRI.

Incidently, Karen England subsequently supported McClintock’s campaign in 2008 for Congress.

She could very easily move left over money from her LG campaign back to the Capitol Resource Institute.

Publicity stunts are nothing new – the CRI raised thousands for an “effort” to overturn SB777 via referendum, but the effort never even got off the ground. Several legislators were bamboozled in to donating to that cause. More on that pay-to-play scheme later…

Be careful if you donate to the Karen Newsome for Lt. Governor campaign because Gavin England just might help subsidize her future payroll from her “Charity” with the money.

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  2 Responses to “Conservative Fraud Karen England’s Fundraising Ploy?”

  1. I just received an unsolicited text message urging me to write her in for Lt Gov. I can only assume it was a mass text, and there’s no working phone number to respond to. Desperate, annoying, and let’s hope it backfires.

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