Aug 282010

Ted Gaines VS Roger Niello is another classic race about the future of the California Republican Party. A rock-solid Conservative Vote vs a deal-maker. It is that simple.

Ted Gaines – 100% from Howard Jarvis and National Tax Limitation Committee.

Lew Uhler and David Wolfe came out to introduce Ted Gaines at his headquarters grand opening today.

David Wolfe laid out the case in its’ totality: Roger Niello raised your taxes – not just on the Feb 2009 budget, but his scorecards from HJTA are consistently lower than his Republican colleagues.

Roger Niello’s vote to raise your taxes is the clearest distinction in this battle of “Nice Guys”.

The budget of Feb 2009 did the following:

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.5% increase in every state income tax bracket (ie went from 5% to 5.5%)
.5% increase in state sales tax rate making California the highest in the nation
Doubled the Car Tax
Slashed the dependent tax credit in half

All in all – every family gets hit to the tune of $1200 a year on average in the middle of the worst economy in most of our lifetimes. (My Grandfather, 94 who lives in a rest-home might remember the last economy this bad)

There is a trail of other votes that Roger Niello has made suggesting that he is a Moderate. While Niello is Pro-Life, Pro-Gun and supported Prop 8… he tends to endorse Republicans who are none of the above.

Doug Ose over Tom McClintock for Congress (Ose 0 for 3, McClintock 3 for 3)
Meg Whitman over Steve Poizner in the Primary for Governor. (Poizner is on 2 of 3, Whitman 0 of 3)

Roger has refused to sign the “No New Taxes Pledge” as has State Senator Sam Blakeslee – the new Maldonado of the Republican Party.

Time after time – Ted Gaines has voted in accordance with the Republican Party Platform in the Assembly. Niello has had several notable exceptions.

On a local level – Roger Niello is of the opinion that Republican Central Committees should not be in the business of endorsing candidates. Failing to find out who is running and failing to research them to report to voters would be a major breach in the responsibility of Central Committees. Roger Niello is of the opinion that Central Committees should register voters and run get out the vote efforts only. I still have not figured out why people would register without the Cent Com giving them a reason to (candidates?)

Having done research on both candidates – I can tell you with authority that Ted’s Positives are compelling versus any baggage and Ted Gaines will not raise our taxes. That should be the basic function of a Republican in Government.

Both have promised clean, issue-based campaigns. Sounds good – that means I’ll stop here.

P.S. – I am not getting paid for my endorsement and support of Ted Gaines, directly or otherwise. The Advertisement that will soon appear is being done to support Ted Gaines for the good of the Republican Party.

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  5 Responses to “Ted Gaines for State Senate – The Easy Choice”

  1. I respect your opinion, but the characterization of Assemblyman Niello as a moderate is, I think, not accurate. Roger Niello is a conservative, who can point to some significant conservative accomplishments.

    While the budget of last year was a hard one to swallow, Roger’s leadership ensured that it included some of the biggest CUTS to state spending in our history, as well as some key incentives to employers which is the only reason unemployment is not over 20%.

    The fact is, Republicans are a minority in California, and as long as we are a minority we will not be able to have our cake and eat it too. We need a leader in the Senate like Roger Niello who knows how to win concessions from Democrats and move the ball forward.

  2. Tim – thanks for a class response. You are still a friend and will continue to be so no matter who wins.

  3. Regarding your part about the Spending Cuts – Both the rep from Jarvis and Lew Uhler said the Cuts in the 2009 Budget were a sham and the amount of real cuts was less than half what was claimed.

    Roger’s Moderate tendencies come out in his endorsement choices and his fiscal scorecards – I did duly note his record on social issues.

  4. I have always found the social issues to be the better test of whether an elected official is liberal or conservative [I have yet to meet one of those ones called “moderate.”]

    Republicans who try to work on the budget mess always get smeared: Look at how Rick Keene, who was arguably one of the most conservative men to ever serve in the State Assembly, was treated in the recent primary. To read the mail one would have thought he was a big spending liberal because he rolled up his sleeves and did the hard work of fighting with the Democrats on the budget committee.

    It appears that the voters have a tough choice with three good candidates in this race because my understanding is that Babara Alby has also thrown her hat in the ring which you did not mention.


  5. Stoos – one huge difference between Keene and Niello. Keene never voted for or negotiated a Budget that raised taxes.

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