Aug 292010

Mark Klang checks in with a solid offering – The Home page features a commentary about fiscal disciplines in the City of Rocklin and makes the case for reform. Klang is a familiar name in Rocklin and one people who are looking outside the normal channels may be attracted to.

Greg Janda does not have a site up yet. There is a domain… that will be live in September.  Greg Janda is a local businessman with some community connections. Janda has lived in Rocklin several years and you would expect him to highlight his involvement in the community. You can visit his Greg Janda’s facebook for now.

Scott Yuill is the current first-term Mayor of Rocklin. His website is linked here. While not as asthetically pleasing as Klang’s or Diana Ruslin’s website – what jumps out are the endorsements and the case he makes for his re-election. Yuill features Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa – the equivalent of 100 tons of bombs.

Diana Ruslin’s website is excellent, easy to read and laid out as well as Mark Klang’s. Ruslin uses less words than Klang on her website – until you get to the Endorsements page. This would suggest that Ruslin is the “establishment” candidate – until you look at her community involvement page / resume and realize that it is a pedigree of service.

These are the only four candidates out of the 8 that qualified that filed ballot statements. Rocklin’s City Council Race should be a good one. Any of the Above four can win.

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