Posted: Remainder of Placer CRA Local Election Endorsements

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Aug 282010

The Placer CRA website will be updated soon to reflect these endorsements.

Suffice to say – these local boards control millions of dollars and having good people on those boards is critical. (SD=School District)

Placer BD of ED – D1: Mark Wilder
Placer BD of ED – D2: Suzanne Jones
Placer BD of ED – D4: E. Ken Tokutomi

Sierra College D5 – Cari Dawson Bartley

Rocklin Unified SD – Glenn Moeller
Rocklin Unified SD – Amanda Tingler

Roseville JUHSD – Linda M Park
Roseville JUHSD – Scott E. Huber

Eureka Union SD – Eric Teed-Bose

Western Placer USD – Damian Armitage

Auburn CC – Kevin Hanley
Auburn CC – Bridget Powers
Auburn CC – Dan Sokol
Lincoln CC – Richard L Pearl
Loomis CC – Miguel Ucovich

Rocklin CC – Diana Ruslin
Rocklin CC – Scott Yuill

Roseville CC – Susan Rohan
Roseville CC – Sam Cannon

PCWA D1 – Ken Phillips (Placer County Water Agency)
PCWA D2 – Claire Magid

Stupidity 101 – California’s Attempt to Tax the Internet

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Aug 272010

Now, because Arnold Schwarzenegger is such a disaster of a governor, no one knows if he will sign this or veto it.

What am I talking about? Taxing the internet – specifically ads purchased on California based websites. (like this one)

But – it gets worse. The idea is an out-of-state company buys an ad on a California based website and that becomes a “Nexus” – meaning everthing that out-of-state company sells in California is now taxable. Nice, huh.

Rhode Island, North Carolina and New York passed such a law – so guess what, businesses closed their affiliates within that state causing job losses and <<POOF>> no new revenue for the tax and spend liberals.

Commentaries are springing up about this in some unlikely places.

Capitol Weekly

And people go in droves to affiliate websites. Affiliate marketers in California earned $1.6 billion in 2009, and they paid $124.5 million in California state income tax. For that same period, the advertising industry declined 18 percent but advertising through online affiliates rose 1 percent It is a small business success story in one of our worst economic downturns.  

If the affiliate nexus tax is passed, out-of-state retailers will make the easy decision to terminate their California affiliates, devastating the incomes of 25,000 small businesses who rely on their advertising dollars. But those out-of-state retailers will still reach California consumers by advertising on affiliate sites located in different states. And those out-of-state retailers still won’t be collecting sales tax on those purchases. The state will gain zero new sales tax revenue.

San Diego Union-Tribune

Together, California affiliates generated about $123 million in income tax last year. The Amazon tax would generate about $48 million; however, it would also starve California affiliates to death, eliminating any income and taxes on that income that they would pay to the state. That would be another $75 million deficit putting us deeper into the red.

While the Legislature’s goal of finding ways to forestall additional cuts to essential state service is laudable, this just isn’t the way to do it. Rhode Island learned this lesson the hard way and is currently working to repeal a similar law because it simply did not generate the revenue proponents had hoped for. The last thing California needs now is less revenue for public safety and education, not to mention an additional 25,000 people on our unemployment rolls.

The second commentary is definately from a liberal who still is having a hard-time grasping SPENDING CUTS and CUTTING GOVERNMENT – but when liberal commentators are speaking out against taxes, it is amazing.

Howard Rudd for Sierra College Board or Kelly Gnile?

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Aug 272010

Kelly Gnile – endorsed by Placer CRA / Placer County Republican Party. Gnile received quite a bit of notariety in the 90’s while a member of the Rocklin USD Board for her opposition to some new-fangled sex-education they wanted to bring in to the district.

Gnile was also a long time member of the previous Placer CRA that existed until 1992. (The Current Placer CRA was re-chartered by Rico Oller campaign operatives in 1996)

Howard Rudd is also a lifelong Republican and a Conservative. Some are suspicious because Rudd is a member of the Sierra College Foundation Board of Directors. (and a past President)

It appears that Howard Rudd is very well respected in the community as well.

I first met Rudd in 1997 right after we moved to Roseville and joined the Chamber of commerce – he is a financial planner and has been so for a number of years.

I asked Rudd about several issues related to Sierra College –

The tremendous burden of Remedial education because High School Students coming in to the Community College System are so far behind… he had a good knowledge of that, and was also aware of the deep cuts to the Ag Program, Shop Program and other Voc-Ed Programs.

Rudd was also aware of the deficit spending problem of The Bill Martin / Dave Ferrari / Elaine Rowen / Barbara Vineyard majority. He characterized it as draining the reserves… and as a financial person indicated that was not his preferred method of budgeting.

He also indicated support for Charter Schools – but at the same time said there is also a role for Government Schools as well.

The Bottom line is that Rudd had been thinking about running for Sierra College Board for a while and filed late.

The Contrast is that Kelly Gnile is a well-known advocate of Charter Schools, Values, Fiscal Discipline and she has record from past service on a School Board.

However, I think Sierra College wins either way.

Placer CRA Endorsements on Local Ballot Measures

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Aug 262010

Measure A YES – Loomis Term Limits
B YES – Roseville Charter Revision
C NO – Revision messing with Term limits
D YES – Roseville Charter Revision
E YES – Roseville Charter Revision
F NO – Establishes Bidding Preferences for Roseville-Based Businesses
G YES – Roseville Charter Revision Adjusting Threshold for No Bid Contracts
H NO – Changes Roseville term limits to Three Terms instead of Two
J NO – Western Placer Unified School District School Bond
K NO – Lincoln Tax Everything Measure
L NO – Auburn USD Parcel Tax
M YES – Prevents County Raids of Auburn Rec District Funds

Aug 262010

(bend over.)

In most circles the following email would be a joke. Boxer has $17 Million waiting in the bank to slander Carly Fiorina – and she still has to dig deep for support. This would be like Carly Fiorina enlisting David Duke to headline a fundraiser… I haven’t seen the bottom of the barrel scraped since Gray Davis’ failed effort so save himself from an even worse Governor. (But I digress)

In the below Email – Barbara Boxer refers to Barbara Streisand as Amazing. (Along with Antonia Hernandez.) Even a busted clock is right twice a day – but I am not sure if my definition of ‘amazing’ and that of  Ms. don’t call me Ma’am are in alignment.

Antonia Hernandez? She is much lesser known – but suffice to say, she would compete with Barbara Striesand for a seat on the next love mission to Iran.


Streisand, Feinstein, and You
Boxer Email
August 24, 2010

Dear fellow Boxer supporter,

This Thursday in Los Angeles, I’m hosting my latest “Women Making History” event to honor three very special women — Dianne Feinstein, Antonia Hernandez, and Barbra Streisand — and I hope you can join me.

The event has nearly sold out, but I’ve reserved two of the remaining tickets for a special online contest to give away to friends like you.

All you’ve got to do to enter the contest is sign up right now — and if you’re selected, you and a friend will have seats at our lunch honoring Dianne Feinstein, Antonia Hernandez, and Barbra Streisand in Los Angeles on Thursday!

Click here to enter our online contest for your chance to join me in honoring Dianne Feinstein, Antonia Hernandez, and Barbra Streisand on Thursday!

I’m proud to be honoring these three amazing women on Thursday.

My distinguished colleague, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and I have served together in the U.S. Senate since 1993. I’m so proud that she is chair of my reelection campaign.
Antonia Hernandez is an accomplished attorney and civil rights leader. She is President of the California Community Foundation.
Barbra Streisand is an acclaimed singer, actress, director, and screenwriter. She has won two Academy Awards, eight Grammy Awards, and four Emmy Awards over her distinguished career.
It promises to be a memorable event — and I hope you’ll sign up for your chance to join us.

Click here to enter our online contest for your chance to join me in honoring Dianne Feinstein, Antonia Hernandez, and Barbra Streisand on Thursday!

I’m really looking forward to Thursday’s “Women Making History” event, and I’m so glad that we’ve been able to reserve a few tickets for friends like you through this special online contest.

I hope to see you on Thursday!

In friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

Oh, my – wonder if Boxer has the guts to put this on YouTube?