Aug 312010

This is the worst Trojan Horse Fraud ever.

Prop 25, if passed would:

1) Lower the threshold for a budget to a simple majority
2) Lower the threshold for tax increases to a simple majority

Did you catch that? Remember Prop 72 – that overturned SB2, the John Burton socialized medicine bill a few years ago.

That same John Burton – Czar of the State Senate along with Bill Lockyer has conceived the greatest fraud since the Nunez-Burton attempt to gut term limits.

Prop 25.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

What are the proponents of Prop 25 trying to do to fool Conservatives – they say No Budget, No Pay. It is the “budget accountability act” all over again.

Oh, and Jerry Brown actually did NOT get sued over this title and summary.

By the way, the legislators would only get paid if no budget was sent to the Governor. They could send a complete disaster to the governor and they would be back on the dole.


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