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Remember Barbara Boxer whining about Carly actually having the means to put a campaign together against her?

Boxer must be really scared – she lucked out when Bill Jones could not liquidate any of his stake in an ethanol company to fund his ill-fated campaign against her.

Now Calbuzz is crying in their beer – calling Carly Fiorina “Nasty”.

Spare me. Barbara Boxer is vicious and vile – just ask the General who probably needs reconstructive surgery after getting ripped by her majesty for the unfathomable sin of calling her Ma’Am.

Spare me again – this is the Same Barbara Boxer whose obsessive rampage over the economic stimulus had her calling Fiorina out the day after her reconstructive surgery (post breast-cancer no less) to come meet workers who benefitted from the stimulus.

We know Calbuzz are liberals. I get that. I have talked to them a few times – but they took a faceplant on this little snippet:

Conservative Mugs 970×250

From the Mean Girls cattiness she accidentally revealed with her comments about Boxer’s hair, to the sophomoric sarcasm of “Boxer Bites” and her overall habit of making criticisms more personal than political…

To the guys at Calbuzz – Barbara Boxer’s Hairdo is a museum piece. There, now I said it.

…Fiorina’s attitudes and language echo the caustic corrosiveness of Sarah Palin, even as  they recall the personal viciousness with which Carly set about to smash the civility and respectfulness of the “H-P Way” corporate culture when she moved in as CEO. An excerpt from Friday’s eblast:…

Oh Heaven forbid – another Conservative Woman who is not sequestered in the Kitchen. Must be scary for liberals…

…Perhaps it’s good that Barbara Boxer is visiting an employment-training center today. As a career politician who has been in elected office for more than three decades, the transition back into the real world is likely to be a rocky one. Boxer may very well need some job-skills training in order to find new employment after the people of California fire her on Election Day. (After all, bitter partisanship and election-year grandstanding aren’t exactly marketable job skills in the real world).

Another note for Calbuzz. I have Gray Hair now. I am a middle-aged man.

When Barbara Boxer first infested office – I was playing the horrific game of Dodgeball injuring the psyches of fellow students who were getting pummeled on the campus of Sherwood Elementary School in Modesto, CA.

2/3 of my lifespan later – Under Boxer’s leadership – Dodgeball is banned and children are drugged up and taught about alternative sexual lifestyles. If there is any time left in the school day – their Math, Reading and Science exams are graded based on feeling. Another legacy of Barbara Boxer.

The only defense for Barbara Boxer is to call Carly Nasty and beg for mercy. Nothing else has a chance of working… except for lying.

I thought Calbuzz was above whining – I really did.

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