CA-SEN Update: Barbara Boxer Tries to Motivate a Disenchanted Base

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Jun 252010

Remember that Boxer left behind 20% of the Democrat vote to unfunded opponents in the Primary. Not Good – one of them debated a even debated a cardboard box in effigy of Barbara Boxer.

Clue One was found back in April (!):

“I need you to be excited – as excited as the Tea Party people are,” Boxer implored a morning gathering of 1,000 Democrats. “Will you be with me?” (Carla Marinucci and Joe Garofoli, Dems urge action to fight GOP passion, San Francisco Chronicle, 4/18/10)

First off Barbara – it’s not about you… whoops maybe it is after all. (Remember the Brigadir General that got excoriated by Barbara Boxer?)

Secondly – if you have to ASK PEOPLE AT YOUR OWN RALLY to be passionate about you(r campaign)… you’re hosed.

Remember The Soccer Moms, then they were Security Moms and they became Wal-Mart Moms? (For those of you scoring at home Clinton – W Bush – Obambi supporters)

They know they got sold a bill of goods. While John McCain was a hopelessly flawed candidate that Carly fought in vain for – in 2010 after the mass destruction wrought on America by Obama – the Wal-Mart Mom’s are awakened again.

So much so that Republican and Democrat alike are getting flushed down the political sewer.

Shopping At Wal-Mart: Yes; Shopping For Dems: Not So Much
Remember Wal-Mart moms from 2008? They were the crucial swing voters that contributed to Barack Obama’s victory and remain a key demographic that pundits and pollsters focus on to gauge the mood of the electorate. Wal-Mart commissioned a bipartisan survey of these ladies and found that they are leaning toward Republicans, rather than Democrats at this stage in the cycle. The Fix has the scoop, noting that while the source of the poll must be considered, it is nonetheless something to watch as we progress toward November:

Nice, huh? But the real snippet that has Democrats about ready to cut their wrists is this one:

Dems Not Exactly “Galluping” Toward Polls
Gallup kicked off the week by releasing a poll showing that nationally Republican enthusiasm for casting a ballot in November is the highest it has been in the history of the poll. Meanwhile enthusiasm amongst Democrats is low – resulting in a record 15-point advantage for Republicans. Read more about it here:

All the Kool-Aid in the world can’t stop this titanic.

CA-Sen Update: Boxer Chugging the Stimulus Kool-Aid

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Jun 242010

This is absurd… it actually borders on being libelous.

Boxer is claiming that finishing off future generations to cover up for today’s corruption (see also corporate malfeasance) worked. She calls it stimulus…

Carefully note that Boxer has revised her claims about created jobs in California down from 400K in her press release of 2/2009 to 150K now.

Boxer also said the stimulus (along with Obambi) would get unemployment down to 8%. Try asking Stanislaus County for example. The Kool-Aid Drinkers in the Sacramento Bee celebrated Unemployment dropping to 16% county-wide in a recent article.

I feel like I am living in Orwell’s 1984.

This Senate and Governor Campaign for that matter are proving that Republican candidates running statewide have to be rich because the MSM will lie and invent facts in order to cover their fellow Liberal Democrats.

What Boxer and her willing accomplices in the MSM can’t cover-up? California needs 810,000 new jobs to get to 8% unemployment. Oh, and don’t forget – AB32 guarantees that we will continue hemorraging jobs until it is suspended.

Example – I have an insurance client who fixes wood windows. Due to AB32 – he can’t work anymore because Wood Windows have been banned for the most part and fixing existing wood windows requires permits that are onerous. I lose revenue to my business – my client loses his business alltogether.

Boxer was there every step of the way worshipping insects and slimy fish – then saying that money given out to Barack Obama’s biggest donors would restart the economy. Who did the “stimulus” money get taken from?

Oh my, there I go with those tough questions again.

Boxer: “I Am Proud Of My Record.” “I am proud of my record of fighting to create jobs for California. I have met construction workers, law enforcement officers, teachers, scientists, and many other hard-working Californians who are working because of the Recovery Act – a bill that has saved or created 150,000 California jobs.” (Boxer statement, Capitol Morning Report, 6/10/10)The Washington Times, 9/17/09)

Boxer Believes The Stimulus Plan Is Working. “It’s my sense that there’s a frustration by the people who voted ‘no’ on the economic recovery act, the stimulus bill, there’s a frustration that it’s working. They predicted gloom and doom, Mrs. Boxer said.” (

Official numbers say 2.27 million Californians are out of work – it is probably more like 5 million when you factor underemployment and those that went back to Mexico with the water shut off to the Southern Central Valley.

Don’t take my word for it –

Economist: “The Private Sector Is Completely Flat.” “Though the state added 28,300 jobs to payrolls in May, economists say the types of jobs added indicate that the state’s economy still faces big problems ahead. The state experienced losses in construction, trade and the traditionally strong education and health services sector. Those losses were offset by 30,000 federal government positions that were mostly census jobs. ‘It’s all census, even more so than last month,’ said Jeff Michael, director of the Business Forecasting Center at the University of the Pacific in Stockton. ‘The private sector is completely flat.’” (Alana Semuels, “California unemployment report fosters doubts on recovery,” Los Angeles Times, 6/18/10)

Barbara Boxer needs to go.

Jun 222010

California Governor Candidates: Jerry Brown – freaked out liberal Mayor of Oakland, Atty General who likes to sue to stop development.

Meg Whitman: Admittedly Liberal Republican

Lt. Governor Candidates: Gavin Newsome – Mayor of Bankrupt San Francisco, sanctuary city where innocent citizens are murdered by illegal alien felons and who violated state law by Marrying people at City Hall (when he was about to be overrun by scandal)

Abel Maldonado: Sold his vote on the largest tax increase in state history for Prop 14. 22% score from the CRA in 2009, worse than some democrats.

Atty General: Kamala Harris – hates punishing criminals, and part of the SF establishment behind the maintenance of their sanctuary city

Steve Cooley: reportedly a social Liberal. Out of the above six – easily the most conservative, taking stands in favor of border security, three-strikes and enforcing existing laws regardless of whether he agrees with them

US Senate – Barbara Boxer, Freaked Out Liberal from San Francisco. Hates the Military, 28 years in office

Carly Fiorina – finally, we hit a top-down conservative.

The question is – are the liberal Republicans enough of a contrast from the Freaked-Out Liberal slate from San Francisco?

I think Cooley can make that case.

Carly makes that case easily.

Maldonado and Meg Whitman?

Failure to have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) other than Jerry Brown is bad – will not fly.

AD-05 Update: Andy Pugno Covered in Sac Bee (Who Highlighted Prop 8)

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Jun 202010

The Bee wants you to believe that Andy Pugno is all about Prop 8 only.

Andy Pugno’s Primary Opponents did as well.

The Bee story ends with this line – 

Candidate Pugno downplays the issue’s importance to him. That makes sense. Few voters care as deeply about it as he does. He needs to worry that voters fearing for their jobs might decide against launching the political career of a man for whom traditional marriage has been a cause and a calling.

First off – I am calling on the Bee to endorse Pan right now and get it over with.

Allow me to add a couple more lines:

Registration in the district is nearly even: 38.55 percent are registered Democrats; 38.58 percent are Republicans

Still, he wouldn’t mind if same-sex marriage flares as an issue. Proposition 8 won easily in the district, garnering 54 percent of the vote.

OK – so the Bee Article actually had some balance before their own social agenda got the best of them at the end.

Take a look again at some telling polling data from AD05:

Q1: Would you vote for a candidate who is Conservative or Liberal on Social Issues?

Conservative 58% / Liberal 32% / No Op 10%

Q2: More Government 18 / Less Government 76 / No Op 6

Q3: Would you vote for the candidate who

Wants to cut state services to balance the state budget – 58
Wants to Raise taxes to balance the state budget – 28
No Op -14

 Remember the post from a few months ago? Andy Pugno VS any Democrat – 18-20 point lead.

— and back to the Sacramento Bee story.

A row of American flags provided the backdrop as Pugno addressed more than 100 journalists and others, most of them hostile to him, in an auditorium at Hastings Law School, a few blocks from the court where history is in the works.

It is obvious that the Bee and the far left only read the polls they like. Amazingly enough – the polling data that came out this cycle was quite accurate.

With a Conservative district like AD05 – I am looking forward to seeing the below quotes finding their way in to people’s mailboxes:

“Pugno is the string puller. Pugno is clearly very politically ambitious and has an extreme right-wing agenda,” said Rick Jacobs, founder of the liberal political group Courage Campaign, who watched Pugno during the trial. “He must be stopped.”

Courage Campaign? Nice – tell people who they are and that will get Pugno about 5 extra points.

Geoff Kors, executive director of Equality California, and leader of the No-on-8 effort, said Pugno’s defeat will be a “top priority,” and called him “one of the most vocal advocates of discrimination in the nation.”

If they want to reprise Prop 8 in the district – I say bring it on.

And, again Andy Pugno continues to be the most underestimated force in Republican politics.

What do Barbara Boxer’s Primary Numbers Tell Us?

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Jun 182010

She’s an Icon. In office 28 years. Liberal as all hell.

Democrats should LOVE her. She had opponents with no money and one of them, Mickey Kaus debated a cardboard box in effigy of her.

She left 20% of the vote on the table to candidates that spent the filing fee and little else.

Boxer has needed three Presidential Bailouts – including one at the expense of the victims of the Rig Explosion.

Boxer has a huge problem – the Delta Smelt.

Key Stakeholders Predicted Heavy Job Losses From Lack Of Water In California’s Central Valley. “‘The consequences are expected to be pretty horrible in terms of farmers’ revenue, but what’s really disconcerting are the possible job losses,’ said Wendy Martin, who leads the agency’s drought division. ‘Those communities that can least weather an economic downturn are going to be some of the places that are hit the hardest.’ Richard Howitt, a professor of agriculture economics at the University of California, Davis, estimates that $1.6 billion in agriculture-related wages, and as many as 60,000 jobs across the Central Valley will be lost in the coming months due to dwindling water.” (The Desert Sun, 1/26/09)

Now Take a look at Boxer’s Percentage Vote vs the Unemployment numbers by county:

   Election Day Support Unemployment Rate   
   Kern 66.7% 16.5%   
   Tulare 65.8% 16.9%   
   Kings 63.4% 16.8%   
   Fresno 73.0% 16.9%   
   Madera 65.1% 16.3%   
   Mariposa 74.0% 12.2%   
   Merced 67.5% 19.9%   
  Stanislaus 67.3% 18.3%   

Boxer’s Kool-Aid drinkers will say that she got 85-87% in other counties.

Boxer’s Kool-Aid drinkers will get their come-uppance when the rest of the state finds out that she could have helped the Central Valley – but refused to do so because she has sold her soul to the enviros.

I predict that Wildlife Defense Fund will be as popular as incumbent by November.

Barbara Boxer promised that the economic stimulus bill would keep unemployment below 8%. Whoops.

P.S. Do not under any circumstances call Barbara Boxer Ma’am.