Jun 262010

I don’t think Barbara Boxer has a choice. She is already trailing in some polls and to trail this early as an incumbent is a nightmare scenario.

Which is why Barbara Boxer clings to her stimulus and global warming. (Those are to the freaked-out left what Guns and Religion are to the rest of America)

Anyhow – some snippets follow from the Fiorina Campaign about the subject of debates:

Yesterday Team Boxer and Team Carly met for the first time to discuss debates. As you know Carly is willing to debate Boxer pretty much anywhere, anytime. As a starting point Carly’s debate negotiation team comprised of political veterans Ken Khachigian and Beth Miller proposed a minimum debate schedule of five debates in local markets around the state in addition to two nationally televised debates. Team Boxer didn’t propose anything and said they would take our ideas back to Boxer’s camp. Below is the follow-up email Beth sent over to Dan and Ace that gives you the full rundown. We’ll keep you in the loop as this process develops!

I deleted the follow-up email team Carly sent to team Boxer… but you get the drift. Boxer will try to avoid as long as she can.

P.S. Don’t ever, under any circumstances call Barbara Boxer Ma’am.

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