Jun 292010

Given the fact that Reuters has an historic bias and typically understates Republican support – Barbara Boxer has to be sweating some more.

She is probably clinging to her Global Warming and economic stimulus as we speak.

Apparently – even on the “Left Coast” of California where welfare, open borders and mixed marriage are supposed to be the most important things on the minds of voters – Californians are apparently waking up to the realization that their Senator is ineffective and may even be (gasp) losing her grip.

(Just ask this General)

The poll of 600 registered California voters found that 78 percent believe the state is on the wrong track, with most saying the biggest problem facing California is the weak economy.

Incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer holds a slight edge over Republican Carly Fiorina — 45 percent to 41 percent — in Boxer’s bid for a fourth term in the November 2 congressional elections.

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Reuters has to be flabberghasted with the polling data – they know that eventually with Meg Whitman’s millions that voters will conect their economic suffering to Democrats.

The question is – will those same voters equate Meg Whitman and Arnold? There certainly seems to be a distinction for Fiorina from Boxer and that should have Boxer losing some sleep…

BTW – the aforementioned Boxer is getting a lot of attention from President Obambi… she is Obama’s top Lieutennant in the war against America’s Economy. (Cap and Trade energy tax bill)

Barbara Boxer had a special meeting with President Obama today. (Wish I could have been a fly on that wall…)

For those of you scoring at home – that’s 5 times of intervention by the Obamas on behalf of Boxer.

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