Jun 272010

Hmmm… remember Antonio Villaregosa (the man who would have been Governor until the San Francisco establishment flexed its’ muscles er rainbows?)

Yes – that Antonio Villaregosa – a HUGE FAN of Barbara Boxer! In fact – so huge a fan is he of Barbara Boxer – he is touted as her number one municipal elected supporter. The same Antoino Villaregosa who is presiding over the municipal train-wreck in Los Angeles.

 Antonio Villaraigosa described the “tough decisions” that he had to make in “extricat[ing]” the people of LA from 3,500 government employees.  (Credit: Red State Blog)

In Villaraigosa’s own words, “we’re doing furloughs and layoffs, we’re doing everything we can, including early retirement, to reduce the size of our payroll.”

OK – layoffs must only be ok when you’re forced to do so and your back is up against a wall.

HP today is a market leader because Carly Fiorina was not afraid to ruffle feathers and make the tough decisions.

Those decisions were brought about because of the psychotic decisions of an out-of-control bureaucracy and Government that seeks to suck the life out of businesses. Many companies are and were left with no choice but to cut and move operations overseas to get away from onerous regulations or prevailing wage garbarge.

Even in the depression we are in – more and more job-killer bills are being passed  by Democrats who serve their Labor Union and Enviro Masters.

Here’s the deal – Carly Fiorina bit the bullet and did what needed to be done at HP. The reason a lot of HP workers are annoyed with Carly is because she cut off the gravy train a lot of them had with unsustainable pay and benefits.

This is the same sort of gravy train Labor Unions are able to filch out of taxpayers. Today, Government jobs are the best to have – that makes me sick and angry.

Read the attached LA Times article – and look at Barbara Boxer’s key comment:

But Boxer’s campaign manager, Rose Kapolczynski, said Fiorina’s choices at HP placed “profits over people.”

Oh, my that same old same old. Fiorina sums it up well:

“Every business in this state knows that there are times when you face a terrible decision: do you lay off some to save the enterprise?” she said. “Barbara Boxer doesn’t understand it; she can’t possibly understand it.”

Boxer is from the same mentality that has driven California in to insurmountable debt – Public Employee Unions First, everyone else can go to hell.

P.S. Don’t call Barbara Boxer Ma’am

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