Jun 302010

Carly says:

*** Give companies a 10-year tax break for facilities that return to the U.S.
*** a five-year tax break for startups and expansions.

Quoting the SF Chron Article:

She says companies outsource jobs because of excessive tax rates and regulation in the U.S., not because of lower labor costs overseas.

Now that, folks is the dirty little secret Barbara Boxer doesn’t want to let get out. The Welfare state is financed on the backs of businesses and the labor unions and enviros have gotten their way with over-regulation for years.

Fiorina was highly critical of the three-year, $862 billion economic stimulus package that Congress passed last year, a measure that Fiorina’s opponent, three-term Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, supported. She said California’s unemployment rate, which has remained above 12 percent for months, indicates the proposal hasn’t worked.

Meantime Boxer clings to her Stimulus and Global Warming…
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  One Response to “CA-SEN Update: Carly Fiorina says Tax Breaks are Best Way to Create Jobs”

  1. I can not see big tax breaks coming when the government is trying to rake in every dollar it can to prop up the economy

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