Jun 302010

Barbara Boxer is trying to ramrod bills through Congress without debate.

Remember Max Baucus, he of Health-Care “Reform” fame?

Michele Malkin highlighted a video clip and some exceprts – Barbara Boxer is attempting to create a panacea for Trial Lawyers by removing any limits from potential liability for BP (and anyone else they can drag in to the Oil Spill claims)…

Quoting Max Baucus – who railed openly against Democrat grandstanding on BP, “I just hope…we know what the heck it is we’re doing”

Baucus was not finished:

“It’s starting to bother me that last year, roughly, we don’t legislate very much. I’m speaking generally, and I’m speaking only from my own personal experience with the Finance Committee. We don’t have any mark-ups any more. We don’t burrow down and ask tough questions of witnesses, trying to establish proper policy, near as much as we used to. Rather, a lot of amendments and bills are more in the nature of message amendments and bills. And I find it disconcerting.”

Boxer’s form of leadership – my way or the highway, thou shalt not debate.

Republican James Inhofe nailed boxer to the wall further:

But the irony is that if the Boxer substitute amendments become law, drilling in the Gulf will dry up, and the only players left standing will be BP and China’s National Offshore Oil Corporation. In other words, Big Oil.

Let’s set aside the liability caps for a moment: I can assure you that Boxer substitute #2, by itself, will push smaller producers out of the Gulf, as it creates so many hurdles, so many unreasonable obstacles, that safety-the ostensible purpose behind this amendment-won’t be an issue, because drilling will be so costly that few will be able to afford it. So who ultimately benefits? That’s right, Big Oil.

Barbara Boxer – epic fail.

P.S. and don’t ever call Barbara Boxer Ma’am

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