Jun 252010

Remember that Boxer left behind 20% of the Democrat vote to unfunded opponents in the Primary. Not Good – one of them debated a even debated a cardboard box in effigy of Barbara Boxer.

Clue One was found back in April (!):

“I need you to be excited – as excited as the Tea Party people are,” Boxer implored a morning gathering of 1,000 Democrats. “Will you be with me?” (Carla Marinucci and Joe Garofoli, Dems urge action to fight GOP passion, San Francisco Chronicle, 4/18/10)

First off Barbara – it’s not about you… whoops maybe it is after all. (Remember the Brigadir General that got excoriated by Barbara Boxer?)

Secondly – if you have to ASK PEOPLE AT YOUR OWN RALLY to be passionate about you(r campaign)… you’re hosed.

Remember The Soccer Moms, then they were Security Moms and they became Wal-Mart Moms? (For those of you scoring at home Clinton – W Bush – Obambi supporters)

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They know they got sold a bill of goods. While John McCain was a hopelessly flawed candidate that Carly fought in vain for – in 2010 after the mass destruction wrought on America by Obama – the Wal-Mart Mom’s are awakened again.

So much so that Republican and Democrat alike are getting flushed down the political sewer.

Shopping At Wal-Mart: Yes; Shopping For Dems: Not So Much
Remember Wal-Mart moms from 2008? They were the crucial swing voters that contributed to Barack Obama’s victory and remain a key demographic that pundits and pollsters focus on to gauge the mood of the electorate. Wal-Mart commissioned a bipartisan survey of these ladies and found that they are leaning toward Republicans, rather than Democrats at this stage in the cycle. The Fix has the scoop, noting that while the source of the poll must be considered, it is nonetheless something to watch as we progress toward November:

Nice, huh? But the real snippet that has Democrats about ready to cut their wrists is this one:

Dems Not Exactly “Galluping” Toward Polls
Gallup kicked off the week by releasing a poll showing that nationally Republican enthusiasm for casting a ballot in November is the highest it has been in the history of the poll. Meanwhile enthusiasm amongst Democrats is low – resulting in a record 15-point advantage for Republicans. Read more about it here:

All the Kool-Aid in the world can’t stop this titanic.

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