May 272010

(The Above Picture was taken by Chuck DeVore outside the ElDorado County Tea Party Meeting. Some 600 people were in attendance and Carly Fiorina received a standing ovation at the meeting.)

(Please note that the bumper sticker was a DeVore Sticker – with the DeVore half covered by a Carly Sticker)

Three Polls:

All Three show Chuck DeVore firmly ensconced in Third Place.

Recently, we have been treated to DeVore emails touting a video relating DeVore to the “24” Series, vowing to fight on and attacking Carly Fiorina – the prohibitive favorite in the CA-Sen Race.

Chuck DeVore is attacking Carly incessantly through Blogs and Facebook – because he has no money to advertise. The fact that DeVore is not attacking Tom Campbell should give you pause as to his motive.

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The Only poll that shows DeVore anywhere close is one he paid for.

The DeVore campaign will be quick to point out that there are a lot of Absentee ballots out there still. (Placer says only about 10% have been turned in)

I submit that this is due to the well-poisoning that is going on in the Guv Primary – people are confused about their choice for Governor.

Not Senate. Three Polls, all with almost the same numbers taken at almost the same time: 44-21 / 46-23 / 41-21 Fiorina over Campbell. Only in Chuck’s own poll did he break 16%. The support for Fiorina is not “Soft” support as has been asserted in the Governor Polling.

And now the DeVore campaign is rolling out Prop 26 from 2000 (sound familiar?) and using that to say that Fiorina is a Liberal. This can only help Tom Campbell – unless DeVore’s goal is to finish second for his own ego.

In addition the Prop 26 attack is hollow as Fiorina opposed Prop 39 (basically the same thing as Prop 26) a couple years later.

It is simply not statistically possible to get three polls with similar results at a similar time run by three outside firms – unless Team DeVore wants to espouse a conspiracy theory.

The evidence of a convincing  Carly primary Victory is compelling and substantial.

Therefore – it is reasonable and for the good of the Republican Party that I call on Chuck DeVore and Tom Campbell, for that matter to suspend their campaigns so we can focus on an enemy of America – Barbara Boxer.

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  5 Responses to “Is it Tenacity or Absurdity? Should Chuck DeVore Suspend His Campaign?”

  1. I just talked to Chuck and he says your a genius and he plans on quitting! Oh wait that’s right your nuts! Wake up… Last night Carly proved to my entire County that she is a snobbish, arrogant, diva witch!! She didn’t get a standing ovation except from a very few. We can compare pictures. She pulled a Boxer and completely insulted a guy who and even said to our volunteers he was on the fence and wanted to hear from Carly. She turned him to Chuck with her rude ass answer. Tell I said thanks!

  2. So did one of her staff paste her bumper sticker over Chucks? Sort of like cutting other candidates yard signs up isn’t it? OR, maybe they are too lazy or not creative enough to come up with their own slogans? At best, one of her supporters liked Chuck’s slogan better and stuck Carly’s name over it. Hope they still have the same regard for her after she chose to stay away from the rest of us while Chuck & Diane mingled with the people they will be serving in the U.S. Senate.

  3. Rodney – I talked to more than one person that was there. What you’re saying about Carly’s behavior is very similar to the accusations being leveled at Andy Pugno by the DeLuz Camp.

    At this point – attacking Fiorina assists Boxer – Unless the DeVore Camp can show unassailable numbers that he has a shot… at this point he is a spoiler.

    Cyndy – thanks for reading and commenting. The picture I posted was actually taken by Chuck himself and posted on his twitter feed.

    I’d ask that the owner of that car or the Fiorina campaign be given the presumption of innocence…

    As to both of your comments about Carly’s behavior at the event – this is curious, it seems that you and the others I spoke with were at a different event…

    To Sgt Pork Lies – unless you have something productive to add, please refrain from commenting.

  4. The only absurdity I see here is a guy sorely in need of some elementary English classes, a spellchecker and some ethics. You’re a joke and, frankly, Fiorina and Keene certainly aren’t getting their money’s worth. Pay-for-play hacks like you are everything that is wrong with the Republican party.

    Editor’s Note – Love your conspiracy theories. I also appreciate the arrogance in assuming that Chuck DeVore is the only Republican running and that people who support anyone else are impure.

    So you have a choice – when Carly wins, are you going to go home, thus aiding Barbara Boxer, or are you going to help retire her?

    As to the rest of it – if I had a dollar bill for every time I was accused of getting paid by a campaign – I would not need to sell insurance. You’re going to need to grow up and understand that it is possible to support a Republican Primary candidate without getting paid.

    Incidently, one of the previous commenters is on DeVore’s payroll –

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