Apr 282010

I was sent a copy of a poll. 400 Likely voters inside AD05. This is a typical sample of an Assembly-level poll.

This polling data shows that AD05 is far more conservative than people give it credit for and suggests that RINO-type Republicans like Arnold and McCain were keeping people home or registered DTS.

It also shows that Andy Pugno is the most underestimated Conservative Force in Northern California. The Mild-Mannered Lawyer Type who steamrolls liberals and they don’t feel a thing…

Have a look and decide for yourself…

Q1: Would you vote for a candidate who is Conservative or Liberal on Social Issues?

Conservative 58% / Liberal 32% / No Op 10%

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Q2: More Government 18 / Less Government 76 / No Op 6

Q3: Would you vote for the candidate who

Wants to cut state services to balance the state budget – 58
Wants to Raise taxes to balance the state budget – 28
No Op -14

OK, so there is the 5th AD. Roger Niello and others appear to have read this district completely wrong. It is a definitely Right-of-Center district.

But – here’s how bad it is for a Democrat. The Peace and Freedom Party Candidate Martinez pulls 8-10% of the vote in this poll! (but don’t count on the Democrats listening, they are owned by the labor unions)

Pugno – 46 / Pan 28 / Martinez 10. Pan is a stone-cold liberal self-funder

Pugno – 47 / Miles 23 / Martinez 10. Miles is another s-c/l/s-f

Pugno – 46 / Shelby 27 / Martinez 8. Shelby is a Citrus Heights Councilman.

Pugno – 42 / Gray 27 / Martinez 10. Gray is a dark-horse Liberal candidate who has the same ballot title as Pugno: Small Business Owner.

Pugno has a lead as large as Roger Niello got re-elected by in every case (counting margin for error as Niello won by 16.2% in 2008). The more amazing fact is that there are 19-21% undecided in each scenario and Andy Pugno’s lead is larger than Niello’s victory with 100% decided.

It should also be noted that this polling data validates the claim of the Pugno camp about Prop 8 beating Niello by 10,000 votes in AD05 in 2008 – suggesting it will come out stronger for a Conservative.

I think the Dems had best start registering dead people and need to recall some ACORN operatives to register the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders…

Or, they could be smart and take their ball to AD-10 where Jack Sieglock is set to steamroll Alyson Huber or AD-15 where Abram Wilson is set to torch the liberal  extremist Joan Buchanon.

In any event – there is a lot of work to be done, but it looks really good for Andy Pugno.

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