Jan 082010

Proposition 8 passed 14 months ago – but the opponents are on an obsessive rampage to get a court to usurp the voters. After losing in California Courts, they have filed an Equal Protection attack in Federal Court.

The Judge, Vaughn Walker has ruled against the Yes on 8 crowd in almost every pre-trial motion, including ruling that the case will be televised. Judge Walker is doing the bidding of the No on 8 crowd as the televised proceedings could lead to harassment and persecution of the witnesses brought by the yes on 8 side.

But, the agenda of the No on 8 crowd has become clear – advance Homosexual rights and do so by exterminating religious freedom. In Canada, hate crimes laws are being used to bludgeon Churches and ministries in to silence and the Democrats in Congress have attached hate crimes legislation to defense appropriations bills.

The case hitting Walker’s Courtroom is based on proving that Homosexuals are a protected class and as a result, your choice of sex act is the equivalent of your race.

They seek to prove that Homosexuality is unchangable – and here’s the truly scary part – that people who voted yes on 8 tied their religious views to their moral views and their votes should be invalidated as a result.

The agenda finally comes out in the open – having worked on campaigns and seen up front what happens in practice, I have been convinced of a pure hatred of the Church by the core of the Homosexual movement.

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Prop 8 is driven by religious animus they say. Need more info – a Pastor was forced to go to court to defend himself after a human rights panel in Canada lynched him. He won, but the fact he ended up there is scary enough.

When Prop 8 donors were harassed, the media was absent, and a new round is being ushered in. The defenders of Prop 8 are in court again – with a motion to overturn this deliberate ruling by Judge Walker.

The absurdity of the concept that the No on 8 people will bring to this court about Homosexuals being a persecuted minority has been borne out over the last 14 months. Activist Dan Savage said, “We’ll just wait for them to die” – referring to the overwhelming majority of seniors that voted yes on 8 and of course the threats and vandalism against the homes and businesses of Prop 8 donors.

The persecuted minority? Anyone heard of Barney Frank? The new speaker of the California Assembly is gay? Unlike Christian Legislators in California who get put in the worst capitol offices and are targets of ridicule – the Speaker sits in the largest office and is celebrated.

It seems apocalyptic. They have gone so far as to have gotten one judge to rule that the Yes on 8 campaign had to turn over internal communication and strategy… and in this federal case, they are going back there. This is Orwellian thought-police type of stuff and unprecedented in legal circles.

The Trial should last 4-6 weeks. Listen and look at what comes out of the trial – the group the screams the loudest for tolerance wants to exterminate free speech in the process.

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