Jan 042010

That’s right. The Party of Fiscal Responsibility and smaller Government is going in to debt for (the California Republican Party) Victory 2010.

Actually, it never got out of debt after following Arnold Schwarzenegger off a cliff in 2006 to throw the down ticket races under the bus in favor of convincing Californians to vote to put themselves deeper in debt… (remember Arnold’s bonds?)

On December 28th an email was sent with a plan called “Victory 2010”. This is the Bi-Annual CRP (California Republican Party) plan that attempts to retake California for the GOP – it is a financial framework and is supposed to be a collaborative of political operations in California.

You’d think that a document this important would have been prepared weeks before the CRP Board of Directors was supposed to review and vote on it. The CRP Board of Directors is a small group of representatives elected by the delegates to the CRP conventions.

When the conference call occurred on December 29th – several key leaders were absent from the call due to the short notice and the issues having families during the holiday season brings… yet a vote occurred to ratify the plan anyway. Several of the most recognizable names in the CRP were not on the conference call.

The CRP is still over $400K in debt, before “Victory 2010” takes effect.

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The details of the plan are as of yet unknown except that it is supposed to be funded through the “One Ask Program” – the deal where major donors are contacted once by a pre-designated person. That never got us out of the debt left over from Arnold, btw…

There is a rumor that  an executive director  for “Victory” has been hired – but no one seems to know who. Is that person a Californian?

… and most significantly, none of the campaigns of the potential nominees appear to have been involved in the creation of Victory 2010.

Could this be the GOP attempting to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory?

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